• 70% of the electricity generated by Renewable Energy by 2030.
  • Increase Power Generation Capacity of the country from the existing 4,809 MW to 7,629 MW by
    2025 with maximum feasible development of Renewable Energy.
  • Improve Transmission Network;
  • From 799 km to 1,300 km in the 220 kV network by 2025
  • From 2,361 km to 3,000km in the 132 kV network by 2025
  • Enhance the distribution network to provide quality service and meet the overall domestic electricity demand.
  • Reduce Technical and Commercial losses of the System from 9% to 8% by 2025.
  • Convert the power system of the country to a Smart Grid by encouraging manufacturing of electrical equipment locally.

Statutory Institutions

The Main wings under the purview of the Ministry of Power and Energy are:

  • Ceylon Electricity Board
  • Lanka Electricity Company (Private) Limited
  • LTL Holdings (Private) Limited
  • Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority
  • Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council
  • Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board
  • Lanka Coal Company (Private) Limited
  • Sri Lanka Energies (Private) Limited

Divisions of the Ministry

  • Administration Division
  • Procurement Division
  • Development Division
  • Account Division
  • Internal Audit
  • Thermal Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution  Division
  • Planning Division
  • Policy, Technical & Research Division