Future Projects -Ministry of Power

Moragolla Hydro Power Project (31 MW)

Moragolla is the final hydropower project which is constructed on the Mahaweli river basin. This project site is located in the Ulapane area of the Kandy district. The expected annual energy
generation of the project is 100 GWh. Dam construction, tunnel excavation, power house construction and plant fabrication are in progress. Overall progress is 59%. It is expected to complete
the project and generate electricity by December, 2024. Total estimated cost of the project is USD 114 Mn.

Broadlands Hydro Power Project (35 MW)

Broadlands Hydro Power Project (35 MW)

The Broadlands Hydropower Project is a run-of-river type of project, planned to build in the Kelani river. The key objective of the project is to harness the hydro potential downstream of the existing Polpitiya Power Station. The project will have an installed capacity of 35 MW and expected to generate 126 GWh of electricity annually. The main sites of the project are located near Kithulgala. The main components included in the projects are the main dam, diversion dam, main tunnel, diversion tunnel, a power station with two 17.5MW Turbine Generator units, Switchyard and Transmission Line.

It was decided to maintain a firm water release to safeguard White Water Rafting sport in the Kithulgala area and as a result, there will be a reduction in the annual energy generation. The water release is done through a Mini Hydropower Plant to minimize the loss of generation. The total original estimated cost of the Project was 82 USD Million. Out of the Total Estimated Cost, 85% was covered by a loan funded by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). The other 15% will be met by a loan from the Hatton National Bank of Sri Lanka. The validity of the ICBC loan was expired on 16.12.2019. Therefore, CEB has negotiated with the People’s Bank to finalize a loan to meet the balance funds required to complete the remaining work. In terms of the physical progress, 79% has been completed and expected to   commission by June 2021.

Upper Kotmale

The UKHP is a run of river hydropower project with an installed capacity of 150MW (consisting of two 75MW units) and It will produce 409GWh per year. It has the following components:

• A dam located close to the town of Talawakelle with a height of 35.5m and a crest length of 180m. It will have a gross storage of 2.5 MCM with an effective
capacity of 0.8 MCM with a surface area of 0.25 km2 (60 acres). Full supply level for the reservoir will be 1,194 metres above mean sea level (msl), the minimum
operating level will be 1190m msl and the normal tail water level 703m msl.

• A headrace tunnel 4.5m/5.8m in diameter lined and unlined and 12.89km in length, running north from the dam towards the Pundal Oya Falls before turning
to the northwest towards the existing Kotmale dam and reservoir. (The maximum gross head between the reservoir and the powerhouse will be 491m).

• An upstream surge tank 12m in diameter and 98m high with a restricted opening, located on the crest of the power house.

• The penstock formed by an underground incline shaft starting with a diameter of 4.5m and reducing to 1.45m. It will be 793m in length, consisting of one lane of
745m and two lanes of 48m.

• An underground powerhouse located at Niyamgamdora, (2km upstream of the confluence of Puna Oya and Kotmale Oya) with dimensions of 66.3m L x 18.8m
W x 36.5m H to house two units of 77,000kW turbines, two vertical axis three phase 88,000kVA generators, two 3-phase, transformers and a 220kV Gas
Insulator Switchgear (GIS) substation.

• An outdoor switchyard, 36.5m wide and 130m long, located at Niyamgamdora, to connect the Power House to a 220kV double circuit transmission line.

• 220kV double circuit transmission line of 18km length to transmit power generated to existing Kotmale Substation and the associated switch yard extensions.
Project Cost

• Total Project cost : Rs. Million 37,269

• Foreign loan provided by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) : Rs. Million 28,721 (JPY Million 37,817)

• Government of Sri Lanka: Rs. Million 8,548 Expected date of completion: End of December 2011

Norochchole Lakwijaya Coal Power Plant

Norochchole Lakwijaya Coal Power Plant – 300 MW extension

It is proposed to extend the 900MW Lakwijaya Coal Power Plant in Norochchole by adding another 300 MW unit as a joint venture between CEB and China Machinery Engineering Corporation who completed the other three coal plants in Norochchole. Cabinet approval has been granted for this project. The Environmental Impact Assessment of the Project is in progress and expected to complete in April 2021. Negotiations on the Implementation of Joint Venture Company has been started between CEB and the Investing Company. Also, negotiations have been commenced on the Power Purchase Agreement, Implementation Agreement and Coal Supply Agreement.   It is expected to complete the project by 2024


PM Lays foundation to Sri Lanka first LNG Power Plant

The first LNG fired Combined Cycle Power Plant with 300 MW capacity will be implemented in Kerawalapitiya. This plant will function as an Independent Power Producer (IPP). Cabinet approval was received to award the Tender to the Lakdanavi Company and construction works was commenced on 5 March 2021. It is expected to commence commercial operations in 2023.

The power plant has been designed in accordance with international standards with minimal environmental damage.

The power plant, which will be constructed in two phases, will have the highest efficiency F class gas turbines installed in a local power plant.

The Kerawalapitiya Power Plant is a Combined Circle Power Plant and in the first phase will generate 220 MW through the installation of a gas turbine, which is expected to be completed within 21 months.

The second phase will add another 130 MW to the national grid via a steam turbine, which is scheduled to be completed in another 12 months.

Mannar Wind Power Park (300 MW)

Mannar Wind Power Park (300 MW)

Sri Lanka’s first large scale Wind Farm is Mannar Wind Farm which is located on the Southern coast of Mannar Island. As the first step, 100MW of wind power has been developed. The Project comprises 30 numbers of state-of-the-art wind turbines, each rated to 3.45 MW and the total installed capacity of this wind farm is 103.5 MW. This project has been built to exploit the major monsoonal wind systems in Sri Lanka. It is expected to generate 400 GWh of electricity annually. The total estimated cost of the Project is 200 USD million and it was met by a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project commenced in March 2019.

The first Phase was commissioned on 8th December 2020 in the name of “Thambapawani” and 30 MW was connected to the National Grid. It was expected to connect the rest of the capacity after the completion of the Nadukuda Grid substation in June 2021. The savings of the ADB loan of this project will be utilized to establish an additional 20 MW of Wind Power in the same location.

As the second phase, the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) has commenced the surveying of identified lands in Mannar Island to develop an additional 200 MW of capacity. The necessary activities are being carried out to conduct the Feasibility Study of the project.