Mannar Wind Power Park (300 MW)

Sri Lanka’s first large scale Wind Farm is Mannar Wind Farm which is located on the Southern coast of Mannar Island. As the first step, 100MW of wind power has been developed. The Project comprises 30 numbers of state-of-the-art wind turbines, each rated to 3.45 MW and the total installed capacity of this wind farm is 103.5 MW. This project has been built to exploit the major monsoonal wind systems in Sri Lanka. It is expected to generate 400 GWh of electricity annually. The total estimated cost of the Project is 200 USD million and it was met by a loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project commenced in March 2019.

The first Phase was commissioned on 8th December 2020 in the name of “Thambapawani” and 30 MW was connected to the National Grid. It was expected to connect the rest of the capacity after the completion of the Nadukuda Grid substation in June 2021. The savings of the ADB loan of this project will be utilized to establish an additional 20 MW of Wind Power in the same location.

As the second phase, the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) has commenced the surveying of identified lands in Mannar Island to develop an additional 200 MW of capacity. The necessary activities are being carried out to conduct the Feasibility Study of the project.