ltl_logo LTL Holdings (Pvt) Limited, along with the affiliates under its wings, is the largest power sector engineering company in Sri Lanka. This organization started three decades ago in the name Lanka Transformers Limited, to produce an indigenous transformer, a vital piece for the country’s electricity distribution system, has now developed into a giant in the engineering sphere in Sri Lanka with an impressive array of achievements.

LTL is a dynamic engineering enterprise engaged in Manufacturing, Construction & Service industries spanning across Electrical, Mechanical and Civil engineering fields.

The Company’s State of the Art transformer production facility manufactures very high quality distribution transformers, special transformers & package substations conforming to international standards.

The Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant of LTL is one of the most technologically advanced in South East Asia and provides superior quality galvanizing to steel structures, suitable to withstand corrosion in any climatic condition and ensures the highest possible global standards of quality.

LTL is an acknowledged leader today in the field of design and manufacture of towers, and steel structures for a variety of purposes including power transmission, wireless telecommunications, lighting, wind power, utility distributions systems, and for a host of others.

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Simultaneously the Company has diversified into construction & service industries spanning across electrical, mechanical and civil engineering fields. The Company has well proven experience in developing, financing, constructing, commissioning, and operating power projects. LTL is renowned as Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) contractors of major infrastructure power generation projects and it is the only Sri Lankan Company which has developed the competency to design and construct high voltage 33 kV, 132 kV and 220 kV overhead power transmission lines, underground cable systems and grid substations on turnkey basis.

The Company has also pioneered Independent Power Production and has built, maintain, and operate three major thermal power plants. In addition the Company has built and operated a number of emergency power plants, from time to time, at the request of the State Power Utility to meet power shortages in the national system.

LTL entered overseas markets in the year 2000 for its products, especially for its electricity distribution transformers, compact package substations, and galvanized steel products. Since then LTL has exported hundreds of its transformers capacities ranging up to 3000 kVA. The exports were virtually to all parts of the world.

LTL maintains very high standards in all its major operations with regard to management of Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health & Safety. The Company is stringently conforming to ISO standards with regard to these aspects which are certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) of The Netherlands.