Turning to Solar Power and Setting up of the Net Metering Network, an investment for the future.
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The sustenance of electricity producing elements are very limited. It is believed that by around 2030 all methods of power generation we now know will be spent. Therefore before we get to that stage, as an alternative  it is vital that we turn to low cost methods of power generation such as solar power. Hence the minister of power and energy Patali Champika Ranawaka, participating in the inauguration of the large scale Net Metering Network at Thermo Plastics complex in Homagama  yesterday (19-07-2011) stated that setting up of net metering networks such as this is an investment for the future.

Further expressing his views the Minister stated that during the past few weeks there was a huge commotion that power cuts were imposed, but in fact there was no such power crisis nor were  power cuts imposed.  However due to technical problems at the Ugadhanavi and Kerawalapitiya  power stations the anticipated power capacity was not added to the national grid. But now the problem has been resolved. Furthermore the minister emphasized that at a time when power generating resources are depleting, setting up of low cost solar power such as this is an example to all other business establishments.

A large gathering of Thermo Plastics employees participated in this function.

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