Electricity Consumers please protect public property
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In the face of escalating power requirements it is necessary to produce over an additional 700 GW  hours of power annually. Together with that amount another 150MW of power is required at the power stations. With the drought there were minor hiccups that we had to endure, but we were able to iron out all the flaws and continue our service smoothly. However during the past few years where we had to face similar difficulties, we experienced 10 hour power cuts, but this year irrespective of the difficulties we faced we did not curtail electricity supply. We gave you all the right to electricity. We are dedicated to serving all people of Sri Lanka irrespective of their cast or creed. But in some villages the earth wires are cut, the copper wires are stolen and public property is been vandalized. Therefore how are we to provide a good service to the people?  As consumers you all must help us in the national Endeavour. These were the words of the Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka conveyed during a tour of the North Western province at the opening ceremony of the Electricity consumer services centre in Anamaduwa.

He said Damaging of Transformers and the theft of earth and copper wires results in heavy losses to the government and also causes delay in electricity supply. The Minister instructed the relevant authorities to arrest those responsible for vandalism and robbery and charge them appropriately.

Minister of Aviation and civil services Minister Priyankara Jayaratne , North Western Province Power and Energy Minister Lalith Nishantha CEB additional General Manager Gemunu Abeysekera and CEB North Western province Deputy General Manager N.P.s Karunaratne graced this function.

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