CEB incurs daily loss of Rs.167m.
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CEB incurs daily loss of Rs.167m.

The Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has incurred a daily loss of Rs.167 million since August, this year due to the dependence on thermal power for electricity generation, Minister Champika Ranawaka said in Parliament today.

Mr. Ranawaka, the Power and Energy Minister, said that the CEB had to depend on thermal power for generation of 80-85 percent of the country’s electricity requirement because hydro electricity generation was challenging under the prevailing dry spell.

He said that it would be difficult to operate the CEB if the prevailing unfavourable weather pattern continued.

“Electricity prices are determined by the Public Utilities Commission. If the bad weather continues, we will have to take action for the smooth operation of the CEB without leaving any room for its breakdown. Such action is warranted for an uninterrupted supply of electricity using thermal power to a large extent,” he said.

The Minister was responding to a question raised by UNP MP Ravi Karunanayake in this regard.

Under normal conditions, the CEB generates 48 percent of electricity from thermal power, 47 percent from hydro power and the rest from wind and other energy sources.

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