The corporate world should take the lead in moving towards a sustainable lifestyle for the people
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The corporate world should take the lead in moving towards a sustainable lifestyle for the people

Addressing the Best Corporate Citizen Awards Ceremony 2011 organized by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka congratulated the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the Members of the organizing Committee, for the excellent manner in which the arrangement of the award ceremony had been organised. “ My sincere thanks and best wishes goes to all of them” he said.
He stated that that, the corporate world should always take the lead in the process of moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle for our people. “In an ecological sense it is the scarcity of Resources- basically fossil fuels, pollution, climate change and impending scarcity of water and food. Socially it may be poverty, terrorism, health, education, drugs to name a few” he said.
Further addressing the gathering Minister Ranawaqka said that In the context of global stress it may be economic recession social unrest in the Middle East, North America and Europe which might eventually spread to this part of the world, or it may be wars or foreign occupation to grab oil/gas or any other natural resources. “We as corporate citizens should create opportunities to have a healthier society while creating wealth to our businesses, which I would like to name as Social Innovation” he said . “It is our responsibility to change the individuals, organizations and finally society towards achieving sustainable lifestyles” added the minister. “It is imperative that countries like Sri Lanka should think strategically and formulate our policies before it is too late” said minister Ranawaka.
Citing an example Minister Ranawaka said that in the context of electricity, development of the light bulb by Thomas Alva Edison has entirely changed our social life and also electricity is continuing to change it. “Just imagine the world without electricity no computers, no television, no credit cards, no Air Conditioners, no Fridge’s, no Lifts to go up to a 50th floor in a skyscraper” he said. According to the Minister these are modern day conveniences we have taken for granted. “As corporate entities we should look at decisions and opportunities, through the lens of shared value for the greater benefit for society” added Minister Ranawaka.

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