In comparison to the past 15 years this year lesser power consumption reported during Vesak
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A special seminar was launched at the industrial development board in Katubedda on 10-05-2012 with the aim of educating the small and medium scale industrialists on power conservation methodologies.

Expressing his views at the seminar Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka said that the industrial sector need to make positive changes in power consumption. He said that we will all have to face a power crisis in the near future, which won’t be preventable by any government or minister. However everyone must unite in the drive to conserve electricity in order to obtain a positive result. It is clear to see that people are gradually adhering to the power conservation drive ‘today for tomorrow’ that was launched by us recently, said the minister. In comparison to the previous years this year the people had used lesser power during the Vesak festival.

Addressing the gathering the minister added that industrialists always complain of high power bills. Power is currently generated upto 75% – 80 % through thermal power sources. This is the prime reason that electricity tariffs have to be increased with the rise in fuel prices in the world market. Meanwhile during the various power generation stages wastage is unavoidable. Through these seminars and workshops we expect to reduce the wastage as well as the wastage at the hands of the consumers due to negligence and ignorance.

Many managers from various parts of the country plus industrialists participated in this seminar.

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