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Generation Projects – Ongoing
Upper Kotmale Hydro Power Project Construction of a hydro power with 150MW installed capacity and annual energy generation of 409 GWh. Japanese Intn.. Cooperation Agency (JICA)
Norochcholai Coal Power Plant Phase I Construction of a 300MW coal fired plant. This includes installation of turbines, auxiliary systems, 117km power transmission line up to Veyangoda and Kotugoda, construction of a jetty for unloading of coal etc. China-Exim Bank
Norochcholai Coal Power Plant Phase II & III Construction of 300 x 2 coal fired plants. China Exim Bank
Uma Oya Hydro Power Project (120MW- 312GWh) Construction of two ponds in Welimada across Uma Oya and Mahatitilla Oya Underground power station at Randeniya near Wellawaya..Transbasin to Kirindi Oya.. EDBI of Iran
Broadlands Hydro Power Project Broadlands Hydro Power Project To be decided
Feasibility Studies
Projects on Pipeline
Energy Diversification Enhancement Project (Construction of LNG related facilities)
Phase I – Feasibility level fuel option study. Phase 2 – Detailed Feasibility Study inclusive of Detail Design. Phase 2 will commence only if GOSL decides to do so. JICA
Moragolla Hydro Power Plant Feasibility study on construction of 26.5 MW hydro plant with 82GWh generation. Located at down stream of Kotmale Dam. Estimated project cost US $ 85 mn Kuwait
Ginganga Hydro Power Project Feasibility study on construction of  hydro plant located near Lankagama Deniyaya adjacent to Deniyaya. Several options were considered. CECB study in 2008 39-49 MW with 102-143 GWh. Irrigation transbasin option 10 MW with 21 GWh. None.
Victoria Expansion Power Project Feasibility study on Construction of tunnel and 228 MW Extension power plant at Victoria Hydro Power station. Estimated cost US$222 None.
Pump storage hydropower Station Several possible sites, according to internal desk study and site survey. North of Samanalawewa, 2 sites of 500MW potential each North of Maussakele 500MW.
Diversion of Pundalu Oya (Upper Kotmale) Addition of 50 GWh average annual generation at Upper Kotmale Hydro project
Coal Power Plant at Trincomalee To develop a 2×250 MW coal power plant in Trincomalee along with associated facilities such as coal unloading jetty. The power plant will be on BOO basis by the Joint Venture Company between NTPC India and CEB. Estimated cost US$500 Joint Venture Company(NTPC/CEB) will identify the donor.
Rehabilitation of old Laxapana Power Plant Replacement of complete turbine including runners, complete generators excitation systems, governors, bearings, cooling water system, main inlet valves and penstock guard valves. Uni Credit Bank Austria AG & HNB PLC
Rehabilitation of Wimala surendra & New laxapana Power Plant Wimalasurendra Power Station: Replacement of generator stators & windings, rotor poles, excitation systems, governors, controls, bearings, LV AC/DC system, refurbishment of turbine, M/V and Balance of plants. New Laxapana Power Station: Replacement of turbine runners, Generator stators & windings, Rotor Poles, Excitation Systems, Governors, controls, bearings, LV AC/DC systems, cooling water system, refurbishment of turbine, M/V and balance of plants Calyon Bank France
Rehabilitation of Ukuwela Power Plant Replacement of turbine runners, generator stators & windings, rotor poles, exitation systems, governer, bearings, cooling water system, refurbishment of turbine and balance of plants. Japan Bank for International Coorperation.
Transmission Projects
Vavunia Killinochchi Transmission Line Project (JBIC) LotA:Construction of Killinochchi 132/33kV Grid Sub-Station,  Lot B: Construction of 73km, 132kV single zebra double circuit transmission line from Vavunia to Kilinochchi along the existing right of way including OPGW., Lot C: Consultancy services for lot A and lot B. JICA
Killinochchi Chunnakam transmission  Project (ADB) (1)Construction of 132kV transmission line from Killinochchi GS to Chunnakam GS- Lot B. (2) Construction of 2×31.5MVA, 132/33kV GS at Chunnakam-Lot A ADB
Lighting Sri Lanka Transmission  -Beliatta Grid Substation Project – GOSL Lot A-Construction of Grid Substation: with 2×31.5 MVA T/F with 8 Nos. of 33kV out going feeder bays. Lot B-Construction of Transmission Line from Hakman to Beliatta: Construction of 8km of 132 kV double circuit transmission line by CEB Direcct execution. GOSL
Colombo City Electricity Development Project (JBIC) – Construction of Kotahena gas insulated GS, Kotahena to Colombo UG cable & Switch yard development at Kelanitissa gas insulated GS) Package A: GIS Substation upgrading of 33/11kV primary substation to 132/11kV Grid Substation & Installation of 132kV GIS Bays at Kolonnawa and Kelanitissa GSS for Colombo Coty Dist. Dev. Proj.Package B: 8.7 km of 132kV underground cable  Package C: Rehabilitation of 11kV Dist. Sys. in Colombo City and Augmentation of one primary substation. Package D: SCADA system including the construction of Distribution Control Centre. JICA
Clean Energy and Access Improvement Project
A- System Control modernization Setting up of a new system control center at Sri Jayawardenapura & installing ilandwide fiber optic communication network ADB
B1 – Transmission system strengthning in the Eastern Province Lot A-Augmentation of 132/33kV Grid Substations at Ampara and Valacchchenai.
Lot B-Construction of new 132kV Double Circuit Transmission Line from Habarana GSS to Valachchenai GSS (Line length Approx. 100km.
B2 – Transmission System Strengthening – Grid Substation Project B2-2 1)km, of 132 kV double circuit three phase transmission line of single 400mm2 ZEBRA (61/3.18mm) ACSR, one 7/3.25mm galvanized steel earth wire and one OPGW from existing Matara GSS to proposed Galle GSS2)42km, of 132kV double circuit three phase transmission line, single circuit stringing of single 400mm2 ZEBRA (61/3.18mm)ACSR, one OPGW from existinnng Puttalam GSS to proposed Maho GSS.3)17km, of 132kV double circuit three phase transmission line, of single 400mm2 ZEBRA (61/3.18mm)ACSR, one 7/3.25mm galvanized steel earth wire and one OPGW from existing Ukuwela GSS to proposed Pallekale GSS.

4)0.5km, of 132kV double circuit three phase transmission line, of single 400mm2 ZEBRA (61/3.18mm)ACSR, one 7/3.25mm galvanized steel earth wire to in out one circuit of the existing Ukuwela-Habarana 132kV trans. line to proposed Naula GSS.

B-2-1 (a) – Augmentation of
(i) Panadura          (ii) Veyangoda  (iii) Matara      (iv)Kurunegala  (v) Habarana and
(vi)Horana Grid substations and
(b) Construction of (i) Pallekele (ii) Maho and (iii) Naula Grid substations
C – Distribution Substations Augmentation C1 – Capacity Enhancement of transformers at   (i) Katunayake (ii) Nawala (iii) Kiribathgoda (iv) Kotikawatta and (v) Hikkaduwa substations ADB
E- Network Capacity Augmentation for Renewable Energy Projects phaseII-ADB Augmentation of existing 132/kV Grid Substations at Seethawaka, Balangoda, Badulla, Nuwara Eliya, Ukuwela and construction of New Grid Substation at Mahiyangana ADB
Augmentation of Grid substations for Absorption of Renewable Energy – Phase I (GOSL) Phase I Lot A – Augmentation of Ratnapura, Wimalasurendra & Rantembe Grid substations.
Lot B - Construction of 21 km long 132 kV Double Circuit Transmission Line from Rantambe to Mahiyangana.
Other Priority Transmission Projects in the Pipe Line
New Galle Transmission Development Project -Considered under Sustainable Power Sector Support II Project – ADB a. New Galle Grid substation
b Ambalangoda  – Galle 132kV Transmission Line .
North East Power Transmission Project -Considered under Sustainable Power Sector Support II Project – ADB a1. Monaragala 132/33kV Grid substation & Transmission Line
a2 – Construction of new 16km 132kV Tr.Line Medagama – Monaragala
b. Polonnaruwa 132/33 kV Grid substation
c. Vavunativu 132/33kV Grid substation d. Amapra 132/33 kV Grid substation augmentation.
e. Mahiyangana – Vavunative 132kV Transmission Line via Ampara
f. Kotmale to Anuradapura 220kV Transmission Line second circuit Stringing.
Projects under consideration through funding of city Bank of Japan Limited 1. Construction of Colombo B 132/11kV Grid substation
2. Augmentation of Colombo A 132/11kV Grid substation
3. Construction of Kappalthurai ,Trincomalee 132/33kV GS
4. Installation of 2nd 220/132/33kV interbus transformer at Rantambe
5. Construction of Habarana to Veyangoda Transmission Project
City Bank of Japan Ltd.
Indo Sri Lanka Inter connection Line between Madurai & Anuradapura (ADB) Objective of the project is to interconnect India and Sri Lanka power grids through a submarine cable across the Folk-Straight for power  exchange between two countries.