300 MW added to the National Grid
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The Lakvijaya Coal Power station in Puttlam, which for many years was limited to only a proposal on paper, was finally inaugurated by the President, and eventually handed over to the public in all its glory yesterday. (2011.03.22)

Highlighting false Environmental issues for political advantage, this coal power station had been abandoned by previous governments, but under the leadership of President Rajapakse construction work commenced in 2006. The Ministry of Power and Energy stated that this Coal Power station which is constructed in 2 stages will add 300 MW to the National Grid under the first stage and 600 MW under the second stage.

Addressing the Nation on this historic occasion President Rajapakse stated that today we have the privilege of partaking in the long awaited victory. From 2005 our people were able to hear the good news of victory. Lakvijaya Coal Power Station no doubt is a prominent factor in this victory. If a country is to develop, it