E-city for the Kandy.
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All Electrical Engineers offices in Kandy, electricity sub stations including all CEB consumer centers under the S5 Concept

Expanding the electricity consumer services, according to a concept of the minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka, a new e city office was declared open today at Power Station Road electrical engineers office Kandy by the subject minister The main intention in opening this customer service center is to provide a better service to the valued consumer.
This service will cater to the needs of the consumers in the Central Province and provide solutions to all their electricity requirements, from connections, disconnections and all power related services.

The ministry of Power and energy stated that every power station that 3was functional during the era of English rule will be reconstructed and put into use.

Minister Ranawaka stated that through this e city office the people of the hill country who are foremost in ontime bill payments will be provided an efficient and friendly service. Consumers can also forward their complaints and suggestions to this E city office on telephone number 081-2220227.