Public views on increased Electricity Tariffs at Foundation Institute tomorrow CEB
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A media Conference was held at the Foundation Institute today to brief the public on the 8% increase in electricity tariffs.

This times increase of 8% for users of over 90 units will not affect 78% of consumers (3.8 million). Furthermore even commercial consumers utilising between 800 and 900 units can also reduce their charges by the net metering system. However the decision making on electricity tariffs are not taken by the Ministry of Power and Energy. It is the Public utilities commission that makes all the decisions. The public can view their proposals, complaints and grievances to the Public Utilities Commission tomorrow (2010.12.15).Officials of the Public utilities commission will be at the Foundation institute tomorrow from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm to address your issues. Therefore any issues you may have regarding electricity tariffs can be forwarded to them.

We have also planned to save Rs. 10 billion From CEB expenditure in the future.