Isotope technology – a tool to detect leakage paths of dams.
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Isotope techniques using atomic energy will be a solution to avoid further deterioration of dams in the country that are subjected to seepage and leakage, Minister of Power and Energy Patali Champika Ranawaka said on Tuesday (Nov. 2) addressing a seminar at the Atomic Energy Authority (AEA).

“Isotope technology is a tool to detect leakage paths of existing dams to perform cost effective repair and modifications. Today most dams are subjected to leakage and seepage, while four dams are at high risk level, 10 are at medium level and others need intensified maintenance and this is possible with isotope technology,” Minister Ranawaka said.

He added that it was possible to detect the leakage of Samanalawewa with the help of nuclear technology which is an important tool in this regard.