Catering to the power requirement of all urban and rural communities based on the long term power generation plan and providing power supply that establishes the market competitiveness of Sri Lankan businesses, and establishing energy security

Subject and Function

Assisting in the formulation of policies in relation to the subject of Solar, Wind and Hydro Power Generation Projects Development for “Assuring of obtaining low cost power” under the direction and guidance of the Minister of Power in conformity with the prescribed Laws, Acts and Ordinances and implementing, projects under the National Budget, State Investment and National Development Programme, and implementing, monitoring and evaluating subjects and functions of the below-mentioned State Corporations and Statutory Organizations.

Special Priorities

    • Transforming the Kelanitissa Power Plant into a power plant associated with natural gas turbines and expanding the Kerewalapitiya Power Plant
    • Developing a Smart Grid to ensure maximum efficiency and utilization of the power generated.
    • Encouraging the use of solar power systems to ensure the availability of low-cost energy for households, office and factories.
    • Transforming all the power plants located in Colombo into power plants with natural gas turbines.
    • Encouraging the use of solar power systems set up at roofs to ensure the availability of low-cost energy for households and small enterprises.
    • Encouraging the private sector and entrepreneurs to undertake renewable energy projects.
    • Taking measures to add the Broadland hydropower station by 2020, Uma Oya by 2021, Moragolla by 2023, Talapitigala and Seethawaka by 2024 to the national grid.
    • Adding 100MW of energy generated in the Mannar wind power plant by 2021 and 800MW of solar energy to the national grid by executing a wind and solar power project in Mannar, Poonareyn and Monaragala.

Statutory Institutions

The Main wings under the purview of the Ministry of Power are:

      • Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority
      • Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Regulatory Council
      • Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board

Divisions of the State Ministry

    • Administration Division
    • Development Division
    • Account Division