Moragolla Hydropower project

Moragolla Hydropower Project is constructed on the Mahaweli River. The project is located in Ethgala, Kandy. Total installed capacity of the project is 30.20 MW and expected Annual Energy Generation is 100 GWh.

ADB provide US$ 113.86 million to the project under “Green Power Development & Energy Improvement Investment Programme in 2017(Tranche I). Total Estimated cost of the project is 113.86 million + 1930 million LKR (Local Component).

Project is consist with four Lots as follows for the construction purpose.

Lot A1: Preparation Civil Works

Lot A2: Main Civil Work

Lot B: Electrical and Mechanical facilities

Lot 3: Project Management & Supervisory Support

Project period is 5 Yrs. procurement process of the project was commenced on 2016 expected to commission on 2022.