Website facilitates in investigating innovations in the Electricity sector. ….

I will be grateful to access the official website of the ministry of electricity and renewable energy.  This ministry is special government entity that provides an essential service to the public scattered throughout the island.

Nowadays the entire world is facing a crisis in the energy sector.We, as a small nation too suffers from those adverse effects to a certain extent. As a country, we should manage our economy and the social structure with maximum efficiency to avoid reaching a calamity.

At present, the main challenge is to maintain the past accomplishments continuously in the future. The responsibility of electrifying the entire nation falls upon us. Hence we must gettogether keeping our differences aside in this process towards fulfilling our target. The website will be a showcase for the whole world that how we face that challenge.

I believe that this website would help to make attention of the people of the world on the ministry of electricity and renewable energy which is dedicated towards providing a quality service to the public with challenges and to get awareness about the expert ideas and openions. I would like to express my gratitude to those who are exploring on the electricity sector and for the public who are frequently visiting the website.

Ajith P. Perera

State Minister of Power and Renewable Energy