Power of Electricity Beyond Borders

It is a pleasure to lead this organization as the subject minister in its mission towards supplying electricity to every household in the nation by managing physical and human resources of Ceylon Electricity Board, the ministry of power and renewable energy together with all its affiliated institutions efficiently and effectively.

Due to the development of the technology today, the world had become a global village. I feel that it is a timely requirement to have an appropriate website for the ministry of electricty and renewable energy that provides more sensitive and necessary service to the people.The site should be able to deliver more and more information on the ministey and on its affilited institutions.

Anyone living at any part in the world should be able to aware on the electricity sector of Sri Lanka and able to communicate their ideas freely. On the one hand people who visit the site should be able to get a vast knowledge and from the other they should be able to express their ideas which help to create some positive influence for the development of the electricity sector of Sri Lanka.

This web site will be update frequently enabling any user to have access to data regarding the daily electricity consumption in Sri Lanka and the updates on power generation, transmission and distribution network data.  This attempt of having a more interactive and enriched website will helps to fulfill our main objective of providing electricity to every household of the country which would be a huge step towards the development of the country carried out by the ministry of electricity and renewable energy and its affiliated institutions.

We warmly invite the educated and knowledgeable people to visit the website of the ministry of power and energy and to use its information to develop their knowledge base who are devoting every second of their life for something meaningful.

Ranjith Siyambalapitiya
Minister of Power and Renewable Energy