“1218 Mini Solar Power Plants of 100KW to Kurunegala…….”
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“1218 Mini Solar Power Plants of 100KW to Kurunegala…….”

“Already identified required transformers…..”

Hon. Minister Dullas said in Kurunegala.

1218 transformers which could establish 10KW of Mini Power Plants have been identified in Kurunegala District. Even though there are 482887 houses in this district, solar power plants have been established only on 753 rooftops and it generates only 12 MW of electricity. In the project of establishing power plants using the transformers which have been given a prominent place in the budget proposals of this year and it should be noted that a considerable part of this project has been reserved for Kurunegala District. Thus, Kurunegala District will become the major district of generating electricity out of solar power. Although electrification of this district is 98%, at present there are 4668 houses without electricity facility. I trust that there won’t be any house without electricity in this district by the end of this year.

The Minister expressed these ideas participating the meeting of Kurunegala District of the series of Rural Infrastructure Development Committee meetings. This meeting was held at the District Secretariat of Kurunegala.

The Minister further stated that,

“After the arrival of Norochcholai Power Plant to the national grid in 2013, no major system has not been included to date. Only 300 MW was received from solar and mini power plants. Not including a major power plant to the national grid for 07 years is a huge problem. This happened not because of a false or negligence of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). We have to move forward covering the history as well. That’s why we are planning to establish two LNG power plants as soon as possible.  We expect to start constructions of one LNG power plant by next month. In addition, we will call tenders for the other LNG plant during the coming two weeks. Nothing could be achieved at once and we are moving forward step by step. Hence, don’t think that everything has happened due to a loss of CEB and don’t point your finger at CEB”.

The Minister said that a policy decisions has been made to establish a separate Deputy General Manager Zone for quality and reliable power supply for the electricity consumers in Kurunegala district on a special request made by the Minister Johnston Fernando under the guidance of the Hon. Prime Minister in terms of the splendour of prosperity of the new government. Talking about this matter, the Minister emphasized how sensitive the new government is on the electricity problem of the public.  Further, the Minister stated that a decision will be taken in future in collaboration of the Ministry of Highways on rehabilitation of roads due to shifting of the electricity poles.

The people’s representatives of the area including Hon. Johnston Fernando, Minister of Highways and a number of public officers headed by the District Secretary, Kurunegala District took part at this event.