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We won’t deceive public expecting votes. We won’t go unless keeping goodwill with the public…..

Matara Pitakanda carpet road is a new avenue for children those who went to school holding shoes with their hands on rainy days…..

Minister Dullas Alahapperuma said in Gampaha

Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Power said that “ Today we are accomplishing a promise HE the President has given to the nation. Today we came to this village to symbolize the goodwill of HE the President and the Hon. Prime Minister and our intention was not to inspire public in respect of the coming election for getting their votes. We never deceive under the pretext of the election. We never ask for vote in the coming election highlighting the construction of this road. Construction of roads means creation of a new culture. Pitakanda village will be opened to the new world through this new road”.

Hon. Minister expressed these ideas at the ceremony of vesting Pitakanda carpet road, Matara  with the public which was held last evening (16th).

After the construction of this road of 5.3 Km around 800 families will be benefitted and the people could come to Mawarala via Mawarala, Pitakanda and  Ambehena and this will upgrade  the tea industry which is the  major  livelihood of the residents of this area.  The service of this road to transport around 10,000 kg of tea leaves daily to the factories is with immense use.

The Minister further said that “ Children of this area go to schools on rainy days holding their shoes with their hands”.

When people of this area get sick they are carried to hospital with much difficulty. Other than that, politicians have deceived these people several times. That’s why we have given priority to construct this road.  Hereafter Pitakanda will be a developed city  in the world. The elderly people of this area who suffered due to the absence of a road won’t undergo suferrings anymore. We’ll open Kapudoowa express way next month.

The Minister further said that everyone is wearing face masks afraid of the dreadful beast “corona viruses”. It has been decided to vaccinate everyone above the age of 30 and 102 of other countries in the world have not still received corona vaccines. The Minister said that it’s a great endeavor of the country to get the second 5 Lakhs of corona vaccine by now. The government managed to grant employments for 61,000 graduates who had been waiting for jobs from 2012 irrespective of their political parties and other things. The new government has allocated financial provisions from the budget to supply electricity for every house by the end of this year and the challenge he has to face it to supply electricity utilizing such provisions. The Minister said that electricity will be supplied to the families of Samurdi beneficiaries and low income generative families. The Minister stressed that since this government admits that electricity is a basic right, the rigid criteria of the Ceylon Electricity Board have been changed and simple methods are being used to supply electricity for all.

Hon. Kanchana Wijesekara, State Minister of Ornamental Fish, Inland Fish & Prawn Farming, Fishery Harbour Development, Multi day Fishing Activities and Fish Exports, politicians at Local Authority level, senior officers of the Ministry of Highways and MAGA took part at this event.