Ownership of the unauthorized constructions which do not affect Laxapana  Power Plant and Laxapana Resorvouir will be granted to their owners………
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Ownership of the unauthorized constructions which do not affect Laxapana  Power Plant and Laxapana Resorvouir will be granted to their owners………

Minister Dullas said “Ownership a school and two hospitals which have been constructed in CEB lands will be granted…”

Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Power emphasized that “Around 350 families are residing by Laxapana Power plant and the reservouir. Further, despite they are engaged in cultivations, still the ownership of lands is with the CEB. The residents of this area have been residing within this area for a very long period of 80 years and we will take measures to look into this matter and to grant the ownership of the lands which don’t affect the power plant or to the reservouir. In addition, the ownership of  Vidulipura college and two  hospitals which have been established in the lands of CEB in Vidulipura village; the village which was set up to  resettle those who were displaced due to construction of the power plant will be transferred to the relevant institutes.

The Minister expressed these views at a special discussion on addressing the issue of lands of the unauthorized residents of the CEB lands nearby the Laxapana power plant and the reservouir held at the auditorium of the Ministry of Power with the participation of Mr. S.B. Dissanayake (M.P.)-Nuwaraeliya   District, officers of the Survey Department and CEB, officers of the power plant and residents of the area.

Vidulipura village was established on behalf of the residents who lost their ancestral lands once Laxapana power plant was established.  As per the surveying of the Survey Department of Sri Lanka, houses have been constructed even within the reserved area and it has been detected that some constructions influence the power plant and the reservouir as well.  Hence, the senior officers of CEB pointed out that developments should not be carried out at such places.

Thus, the Minister advised the officers of CEB to conduct an immediate study on the unauthorized constructions and make arrangements to transfer the lands which are possible to be transferred to their owners, complete surveying  and submit a survey report within three months. Further, the Minister expressed that action should be taken to develop Vidulipura village which was established on behalf of the people who lost the ownership of their ancestral lands.

Mr. S.B. Dissanayake (M.P.) – Nuwaraeliya District  who participated at this event said that it is better to pay special attention on the people who have lived in CEB lands for more than 80 years and transfer the  possible lands and to make the due payments in this regard.