“ We’ll never be backward to take tough decisions against inefficient entrepreneurs   of power projects..”
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“ We’ll never be backward to take tough decisions against inefficient entrepreneurs   of power projects..”

Hon. Dullas Alahapperyma emphasizes….

“This should be included to the national grid by December 2022. The period will never be extended……”

The State Minister Hon.  Duminda Dissanayake

Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Power expressed that “Two issues were arisen in respect of projects in the past. One is lethargic nature  of the companies and the other one is lethargy of the entrepreneurs who were awarded the tenders.  They lose the courage they had when obtaining of the tenders at the time their implementation. This project mustn’t be such a one. This should be started, implemented and completed with same efficiency. After obtaining a tender of project, its set goals must be achieved.  Otherwise we will have to enter into strict decisions and we are always ready to make such decisions. Head of the State, HE the President declared to the nation for the first time that renewable energy should be the major mode of power generation in the country. Hence, tender procedure of this project was expeditiously implemented and the efficiency and contribution of the entrepreneurs are expected in the process of connecting the output of this project to the national grid”.

Hon. Minister expressed these ideas at the event of awarding letters of tenders for the entrepreneurs who establishing 20 new solar power plants based on 20 grid sub stations which have been located in various areas of the island with the objective of upgrading the contribution of renewable energy to the national grid in accordance with the  Splendour of Prosperity recently held at the Ministry of Power.

Thus, procurement of these solar power plants was implemented based on five packages as 04 grid substations per each. The international competitive bidding procedure was implemented for these projects. A Negotiation Committee appointed by the Department of Public Finance and five Technical Evaluation Committees have been appointed for bid evaluation.  The price determination committee appointed by the which was appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers had decided the highest price of purchasing one unit of electricity and based on the recommendations of the Technical Evaluation Committees it has been approved to award tenders to the bidders who submitted substantially  responsive bidder with lowest price.

Minister Alahapperuma further said that “This could be named as the first renewable energy project which is established under the policy framework of HE the President Splendour of Prosperity. Our gratitude must go to the Hon. State Minister Duminda Dissanayake. Further, we must not forget to extend our sincere thanks to Mrs. Wasantha Perera – Secretary, Ministry of Power and Mr. Hemantha Samarakoon – Secretary to the State Ministry for their commitment to make this pilot project a success. The complaint ever had against  the CEB was that CEB is unenthusiastic  of generating renewable energy. However, the CEB made tireless efforts to accomplish its part in respect of this project. We should thank CEB for its contribution as an entrepreneur on behalf of the stability of the national grid”.

Hon. Duminda Dissanayake, The Minister who participated this event said that “ the entrepreneurs have been informed to register in the Renewable Energy Authority within nine months upon the receipt of the tender letters and obtain due approvals. The Renewable Energy Authority will provide its fullest cooperation for these projects.  Compared with the other projects which were called tenders earlier, it is expected to execute this project expeditiously with high goals and action should be taken to add all these projects to the national grid by December 2022 with a definite time frame and follow up action.   The project duration should not be extended without a fair reason”.

Hon, Duminda Dissanayake, State Minister of Solar Power, Wind and Hydro Power Generation Projects Development, Mr. Hemantha Samarakoon – Secretary to the State Ministry, senior officers of the Renewable Energy Authority and CEB and the entrepreneurs who were awarded with tenders.