“ Nawalapitiya Grid Substation marked a giant step in the field of Renewable Energy”
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“ Nawalapitiya Grid Substation marked a giant step in the field of Renewable Energy”

The Minister Dullas said at the opening Nawalapitiya grid substation”.

Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Power emphasized that “No one has a gain saying for my view that renewable energy will dominate the future of this country. Only a business minded person could be against it. Why do we talk about renewable energy? The international organizations emphasize that 85% of energy shall be based on renewable energies by 2050. The third decade of the 21st century started with the global Covid 19 pandemic. We will face an environmental pollution more dangerous than that in the middle of at the end of this year. The world is discussing that unprecedented environmental changes will be occurred on the earth. According to the information of relevant world organizations the earth will not be able to bear the   atmospheric pressure. When power is generated out of diesel, 333 L of   diesel is required to generate 1MWh of power. When such volume of diesel is burnt 865 Kg of carbon is released to the environment. Thus, if 100 MHz will be generated,  86,000 Kg of carbon which is 86 tonnes will be released to the environment. How do we rectify this error? We have focused on renewable economy by realizing this crisis.

The Minister expressed these ideas participating the event of opening CEB grid substation in Nawalaitiya.

This power transmission development project was started by the CEB with the fullest cooperation of the Ministry of Power to obtain renewable energy with the view of establishing  four grid substations of 63 MW per each  and an electricity transmission line of 50 Km with the view of  adding  electricity which will be generated at Maliboda, Deraniyagala, Balangoda, Ratnapura, Padiyapelella, Ragala, Nuwaraeliya and Kotmale mini power plants which are being constructed and to be constructed in future to the national grid and to meet the increasing demand of power in Sabaragamuwa and Central provinces.   A long term loan of € 30 million (Around Rs. 6000 million) by the Financial Development Institute of France and Rs. 1500 million by the CEB have been allocated on behalf of this project.

CEB will be able to add around 100 MW of electricity to the national grid in the years to come by connecting eco-friendly mini power plants to Nawalapitiya grid substation and other three grid substations. In addition, by this project CEB is expecting to supply electricity to around five thousand families and a number of factories through Nawalapitiya grid substation and to improve efficiency and quality of power supply in such areas.

The Minister further expressed that

“Today is a milestone in the field of renewable energy which is our objective and for the technical strategies of the CEB in respect of foreign aid. Within the HE the President, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s vision splendor of prosperity, today we have taken a giant step in the journey towards making renewable energy prominent in the power sector.   Foreign aid provides immense support renewable energy resources and strengthens its basis. Our aim is to decrease the use of furnace oil and diesel up to 5% by 2025. Our dream is to bring it to zero by 2030. That’s why we have established a Ministry of Renewable Energy. Europe is moving towards renewable energy very fast. France is exporting electricity at present. The entire Europe has embraced the objects of renewable energy. They have used renewable energies not only for electricity, but also for transportation.  The Minister blessed for strengthening national economy through eco-friendly renewable energy.

H.E. Mr Eric Lavertu- Ambassador of France to Sri Lanka, Mr. Weerasinghe Aluthgamage- Member of Provincial Council, Mrs. Wasantha Perera- Secretary, Ministry of  Power, Mr. Vijitha Herath – Chairman of CEB, Mr. Nalinda Ilangakoon – Vice Chairman of CEB, Mrs. Kumuduni Herath, General Manager of CEB, public representatives, officers of public institutes and institutes of Ministry of Power and CEB participated this event.