A power plant for the village under the concept of “Deyata Eliya – Gamata Balaya”
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A power plant for the village under the concept of “Deyata Eliya – Gamata Balaya”

Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Power

Will be completed within three years and 700MW will be added to the national grid……..

Said the State Minister Hon. Duminda Dissanayake 

Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Power said that  “The future of our country is based on renewable energy. In accordance with HE the President, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s  vision of   splendor of prosperity, today we have been able to initiate the concept of establishing a power plant for village under the concept of “Deyata Eliya – Gamata Balaya” to achieve the goal of increasing the contribution of renewable energy to the national grid up to 70%  by 2030.This could be considered as a giant step that changes the history of Sri Lankans. The contribution of solar power to the national grid is 417MW to date. The concept of a power plant to the village may which has been initiated today will double the contribution.   This project will establish 7000 eco-friendly solar power plants within 03 years and they will contribute the economy of country in a great deal. Ultimately 700MW of power will be provided to the national grid”.

The Minister expressed these ideas at a press release held at the Ministry of Power today (25th) starting the first stage of the project on establishing 7000 solar power plants islandwide within 700 selected transformers. Accordingly, under the first stage, arrangements have been made to call tenders for proposed 880 power plants. These power plants will be added to the national grid in seven months’ time.

Hon. Minister Dullas Alahapperuma further said that “The discourse on solar power was initiated in 1980 giving a new direction to the future of this country. The concept of a power plant for the village which is initiated today will create 7000 entrepreneurs and will generate number of job opportunities. Hon. Minister stated that deviating from so-called politics, this novel concept will illuminate the entire island and he paid his gratitude to all the officers who contributed this task including the Hon. State Minister.  Replying to the media Hon.Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of Power explained that these 7000 power plants will be established by signing a 20 year agreement with the CEB and there will not be any political interference and the Minister forecasted that the government will not be changed. Further, the Minister explained that 99862 families have been identified to supply electricity connections to Samurdhi beneficiaries and less-income generative families 1881 families have been provided electricity to date under the “Deyata Eliya”  programme which was commenced from Giribawa. Moreover, among the other people 37363 will be supplied electricity connection before the end of coming April whilst all the others will be benefitted before the end of this year.

The State Minister, Hon. Duminda Dissanayake who participated this event said that “As a country we were continued to fall behind   when compared with the other countries. However, if we are to move forward with the other countries, embracing renewable energy is a must. Hence, HE the President has given us a target in the field of power to achieve the contribute of renewable energy up to 70% by the year 2030.

As one step of reaching the goals, we could implement the concept of a power plant for the village today. Today, tenders were called for 880 solar power plants under the first stage. These 7000 power plants will add 700 MW of power to the national grid; create 7000 new investment opportunities and number of new employments.

In addition, it will bring special benefits to the economy and all the citizens of the country. The Minister said that as the State Minister of the Ministry of Solar Power, Wind and Hydro Power Generation Projects Development he will be committed to make the concept of a power plant to the village a reality within 0 years and contribute to the national grid by 700 MW. He further stated that more renewable energy projects will be introduced to the power sector in future.

Mrs. Wasantha Perera- Secretary, Ministry of  Power, Mr. Nalinda Ilangakoon – Vice Chairman of CEB, and Mr. Rohan Senavirathna, Additional General Manager  of CEB participated this event.