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A committee chaired by the Hon. Minister Vasudewa to decide future of diesel – furnace oil

On a request made by the Hon. Dullas ALahapperuma, Minister of Power from the Cabinet of Ministers for minimizing the lapses that will be occurred in the present power generation plan , a Cabinet Sub-committee consists of the Ministers Hon. Vasudewa Nanayakkara, Hon. Bandula Gunawardhana and Hon. Ramesh Pathirana has been appointed.

Recommendations of the Cabinet sub-committee shall be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers in two weeks’ time and the committee will meet for the first time at 3.00 p.m. on 29th March.

In the vision of splendour of prosperity it has been emphasized that 70% of the power generation shall be of renewable energy. Accordingly, the Ministry has adopted the policy of decreasing the use of diesel and furnace oil up to 5% by 2025 and up to 1% by 2030. Within this policy framework, it will be specifically consider about the future of the diesel and

Within this framework, it should be specifically consider about the future of the power plants which generate power out of diesel and furnace oil and maintained by both public and private sector.