The water stream of Deduru Oya was a strength behind the green vision of splendor of prosperity….. said Hon. Dullas Alahahapperuma , Minitser of Power vesting Dedururu Oya Power Plant which contributes the national grid by the 1300KW of power with the public
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The water stream of Deduru Oya was a strength behind the green vision of splendor of prosperity…..

said Hon. Dullas Alahahapperuma , Minitser of Power vesting Dedururu Oya Power Plant which contributes the national grid by the 1300KW of power with the public

Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma, Minister of power emphasized that “Today Deduru Oya becomes a stakeholder illuminating the legend of modern green power which was originated from our civilization within Malwathu  river. As everyone knows April 1st is considered as the Fool’s Day worldwide.  As the world has accepted on April 1st we never get true or auspicious news. However  we, Sri Lankans, could  change the world calendar and plant the seeds of truthfulness today. This is not a new chapter in our history. This is an event which a project started by HE the President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is vesting with the public. On the other hand, this is a new chapter in the irrigation and power sector of the country. This is a green chapter which is important for the entire universe”.

Hon. Minister expressed these ideas at the occasion of vesting the Deduru Oya power plant which was established in Athugalpura with the public which was held this morning (1st).

An amount of Rs. 11,000 Mn. was spent on Deduru Oya project which was started in the year 2008 . Its plan and constructions are creations of the Sri Lankan engineers.   This power plant will contribute 1300 MW to the national grid and its annual contribution to the national grid would be 4.GW. Having negotiated with the Department of Irrigation, Ministry of Power and Ceylon Electricity Board, constructions of this power plant was vested with Lanka Energies Ltd.  Constructions of this Deduru Oya power plant was started in 2019 and the said company could complete it within one year.

The Minister Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma further said that,

“ We have decided to invite Hon. Chamal Rajapaksa for this event as the Chief  Guest, since he is the pioneer of this project. When this project was initiated during the governing period of Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa, Hon. Chamal Rajapaksa was the Minister of Irrigation and amidst the protests on acquiring this land for the project he was dare to commence this project. We must pay him our gratitude for this. We have understood why targets have been given for renewable energy within the vision of splendor of prosperity. HE the president has understood that our economy and environment have been affected by fossil fuel. Hence, we have been given targets for 2025, 2030 and 2050.

Yesterday (31st) 15.3 GWh of electricity generated out of diesel and  furnace oil. At the generation of this volume of electricity, 13kg million of carbon which is 13,000 MT has been released to the environment. Accordingly, renewable energy is the major source of environmental conservation which has been found to date. The decision of using renewable energy taken by HE the President is a blessing for our country. As the Ministry of Power, we expect to reduce the power generation out of diesel and furnace oil up to 5% by 2025 and up to 1% by 2030. There is no way to love the environment and to conserve the nature other than this. The contribution of solar power to the national grid to date is only 412MW . Despite we experienced them, we are ready to contribute by 600MW through 7000 solar power plants under the project a power plant for the village which has been implemented. This is how ,we, Ministry of Power are in the process of achieving the targets assigned by HE the President playing our role as the Ministry of Renewable Energy.  There were discussions more than twenty years to carry the natural liquefied gas power plants to the country. The amount annually spent on fuel is similar to the foreign exchange earned by the innocent Sri Lankans working in the Middle East. We should stop this immediately to build up our economy and to conserve our education.

There are 4781 houses without electricity in Athugalpura (Kurunegala). Despite   political boasts are common in society, this is the real situation. We have planned to supply electricity free of charge to 2256 houses of less income generative families before the end this April. Becoming less income generative is not a fault of the public. It’s fault of the economy, social system and the education. That’s why the President and the Prime Minister instructed us to supply them electricity free of charge.

The Minister said that as the frontlines of changing the country towards betterment, he promised to ever benefit citizens including people of Alhugalpura with the green energy concept.

Hon. Chamal Rajapaksa who graced this occasion as the Chief Guest said that Deduru Oya project was started without a foundation stone or an opening ceremony. Hon. Chamal Rajapaksa emphasized that Deduru Oya provides an  immense service to the nation within number of fields and measures are taken to challenge the opponents and provide service. Further, he stressed that nothing could be performed without electricity and the first step of development is electricity.

The political authority of the area represented by the State Minister Hon. B.M. Herath, Mr. Anura Priyadarshana Yapa (M.P.), Mrs. Manjula Dissanayake (M.P.) and Mr. S.B. Nawinna, Mr. Vijitha Herath – Chairman of CEB, R. Nandika Pathirage – Lanka Energies Company, and Senior officers of the Ministry of Power , Ministry of Renewable Energy, CEB and Lanka Energies Company participated at this event.