Support of the Russian Government for the Sustainable Development in the Power Sector …
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Support of the Russian Government for the Sustainable Development in the Power Sector …

 A Discussion between the Minister of Power and the Russian Ambassador to Sri Lanka…


Russian Ambassador to Sri Lanka Mr. Yury Materiy says Russia may provide assistance in every way for the upliftment of Sri Lanka’s power sector.

The Russian Ambassador participated an official meeting with the Hon. Minister of Power, Mr. Dullas Alahappetuma recently and further expressed his ideas and willingness towards strengthening long term bilateral relations and economic cooperation between Russia and Sri Lanka He said that Russian Government will constantly extend its support to Sri Lanka. He further stated that the Atomic Energy Regulatory Commission of Russia is ready to provide all necessary facilities, including knowledge and training, to the Atomic Energy Board of Sri Lanka.

At this meeting, Minister of Power, Dullas Alahapperuma explained the projects that the present government plans to be implemented in the power sector in Sri Lanka with the view of achieving sustainable development and pointed out the global need of focusing green and renewable energies.

Further, he extended his thanks to the Russian Ambassador for his support towards the power sector of Sri Lanka paid his gratitude to the Russian Government for its diplomatic support to Sri Lanka during the terrorism which critically prevailed Sri Lanka for over 30 years.

The Third Secretary of the Russian Embassy, Mr. Oleg V. Rudnev also participated in this official meeting between the Minister of Power, Dullas Alahapperuma and the Russian Ambassador.