This is the beginning of the modern electricity revolution!
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This is the beginning of the modern electricity revolution!


“ ‘Thambapavani’ is the first wind power plant park of the country that marks a marking a proud turning point in the history of renewable energy”


Minister of Power, Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma said that H.E. the President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa was the first Head of state who included the utilization of Renewable Energy in his Government Policy statement to upgrade the country’s economy. He further said that as a country which focuses  on energy conservation and energy self sufficiency, its objective is to give opportunity for the public to use electricity  steadily, constantly and easily at a least cost and the modern  electricity revolution has been initiated to achieve it.

The Minister expressed these views addressing a special media briefing held at the Ministry Power this morning (06) to make aware about the Thambapavani Wind Power Park which will be opened on 08th December marking a future turning point in power generation.

The Minister further said that “A Cabinet Memorandum was approved in March 2014 to see ways of renewable energy generation and to obtain advice of relevant experts. The then President was the present Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. There is no doubt that, as a politician and a leader, he will be pleased to see a task which was initiated in his era becomes fruitful in his own hands. No new power plant has been started in this country during the past 7 years. We are not pointing fingers at history. However, it should be considered the contribution that this could be made towards the economy of our country. As a country, we should draw attention on renewable energy generation to meet the increasing demand for electricity every year. Thambapavani wind Power Park will be able to generate 800 MW of electricity within the next 10 years”.

Several major factors have been taken into consideration in the construction of the Thambapavani Wind Power Park in Mannar District. This is 100% eco-friendly way construction. In order to prevent environmental damage, radars which are not normally found in wind farms, have been designed in every windmill. Hon. Dullas Alahapperuma further said that radar which has not been applied in wind power plants in general has been applied in every wind vane to prevent impact on environment. The Minister added that these measures have been taken listening to the views of the public in the area, giving room for their views, reviewing its impact on Mannar region, and focusing on socio economic development of the public within the entire region of Mannar including drinking water and waste disposal.

The wind power project, which is to be vested with the public on 08th December, will release 103 MW of power to the national grid. The Minister further stated that cabinet approval will be obtained in the future to install 06 more turbines with the remaining amount of the total investment of US$ 141 Mn which has been   allocated for this purpose.

The Minister said that it is expected to expand these energy development activities beyond this with the support of both the public and private sectors and appreciated and paid gratitude for the strengths and capabilities of the CEB in designing these plans.  Further, Minister also said that the Thambapavai Park is to be provided with the state of art wind power generation technology in the world in the same method and that the CEB will stand for it.

The Minister pointed out that even though approximately a cost of Rs 30/- is to be  spent on generating  electricity out of  fossil fuels, wind power costs around Rs.8/- to Rs.9/- per unit and it is a  great relief to the country’s economy and  bring good luck for the country. He further stated that this will provide 8000 million units of electricity to the country within the next 20 years.

Further, the Minister pointed out that the country will be able to save 2000 million liters of diesel without burning it within the next 20 years by wind power generation and it will prevent emission of at least 5.7Mn metric tons of carbon into the environment.

The Minister also paid his gratitude to all stakeholders who contributed process of converting Thambapavani Solar Power Park into a renewable energy power plant irrespective of their  political background.  The Minister further stated that tax relief of 7 years will be given to any entrepreneur who steps forward to strengthen our national economy through renewable energy and many new related industries should be created in the future. He said that the first solar park is expected to be built in Siyambalanduwa in near future.

A group of senior officers of the CEB including the Chairman, Vijitha Herath was present at this occasion.