Minister Mahinda Amaraweera states “ Although whoever of the Ministry of Power & Energy signed whatever letters and agreements, I present Cabinet Memorandums on the  projects” “ I never implement which affect the country and the public”
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Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera , Minister of Passenger Transport Management, Power & Energy said “ I don’t mind whatever senior officer of the Ministry of Power & Energy enter into whatever agreements and share whatever letters with others. I don’t submit Cabinet papers on the projects that affect country and the public to the cabinet. Whoever signed whatever document, they cannot be implemented without cabinet approval. No cabinet paper that affects the country or public will not be submitted to the cabinet with my intervention. I stress this with much responsibility”.

The Minister expressed these views at a discussion held yesterday (16) at Lanka Electricity Company Ltd. The Minister participated the discussion on the future activities of LECO held at its head office and expressed these ideas.

Media personnel who were present at this event asked about Kerawalapitiya electricity project and in response of it the Minister expressed that though whoever signed whatever document, I am the one who present them for cabinet approval. I stress that there will be no room in future for the projects in the power & Energy and Transport Sector that  may afflict public or the government.

The Minister added;

“Ministers of the previous government got the wrong way, they came to power giving promise that they would catch the thieves, but they did not serve to the public. There are institutes to catch thieves and such duty should be assigned to that; it is none of the business of the Ministers.

We don’t take over the duty of catching the thieves of previous government. We will hand over it to relevant institutes. HE the President has advised us to accomplish our role as Ministers. So, we will serve to the public and not confuse duties and fail as the previous government.

The former government came to power to detect frauds, but at last there was no dance and there was no dance and no drum.  The other thing is forgetting the public. People could not meet the Ministers whom they voted. Their Minister chased them away.  Finally, the public decided to refuse the government they selected. Finally, the public decided to drive away the government they elected.

Voting to a party is not a duty of the public. It’s their will. They vote to a person because of the willingness towards the party or the person. Today there is no tradition of voting following parents. Today, the youth of our country is very intelligent and farsighted.  They do not make decisions at once.

Even though UNP governed the country nearly five years, they did not have a procedure to win goodwill of the public. As I feel they don’t know how to lead a government. It is because; they may have had much experience being the opposition, not the government.

There is an art of governing. If UNP needs it, our government is able to train them. The Minister added.