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A special discussion on   “if  the Gulf Crisis will  be aggravated and  war may emerge between Iran and America? How  it will make an impact on fuel supply of Sri Lanka”  was held this morning  (14) in the Petroleum Ministry.

At the discussion held under the patronage of Mahinda Amaraweerea  Minister of Passenger Transport Management, Power & Energy, this matter was reviewed and Ceylon Petroleum Corporation explained that fuel reserves are available to supply fuel without any shortage and several fuel ships will be coming to Sri Lanka in near future.

Today Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has got fuel reserves sufficient for 19 days. Further, fuel ships with 16,000 T will be coming 17th and 18th  while 15,000 T will be coming 24th & 25th this month. Further, in case of a war, since maritime transport will difficult in the gulf zone, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation has planned to by fuel from Singapore and Malaysia.

Besides, the Minister advised to use the fuel tanks with the capacity of 71,000 T within Hambantota harbor to store extra fuel. At present, this complex of tanks is owned by China and informed to make arrangements to fill extra fuel having discussed with the Chinese Authorities.

However, some parties are  frequently questioning the Ministry that whether there will be a of fuel and the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation s in the firm idea that no fuel shortage will be occurred and fuel sufficient for coming 19 days is available.

As per the available reserves, Petrol 92 – 47947 T, Petrol 95 – 16,000 T,  Lanka Auto Diesel – 111957t, Super Diesel – 4463 T, Air craft fuel – 38086 T, fuel oil 70130T have been stored. Fuel reserves that will be receive in future have not been included to this.

Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Passenger Transport Management and  Power & Energy  stated that he will discuss on the petroleum reserves at the Cabinet Meeting to e held this evening (14).