Generation of Power out of Solid Waste in Western Province including Colombo is from May
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Measures have been taken to generate 10 Mw of electricity using solid waste giving a sustainable solution for garbage problem in the Western Province including Colombo.

Power Generation Project using urban waste within Kerawalapitiya has been started by a private company and CEB has decided  purchase power generated thereof.

Construction of this power plant is over now and power generation is scheduled to be started in May. Hon. Mahinda Amaraweera, Minister of Power & Energy expressed at a meeting held yesterday that this will give a sustainable solution to the garbage solution in Colombo.
Around 550 T-560 T of waste is collected daily within the Colombo city limits. However, 1000 T of waste is daily required to generate power from this power plant. Colombo Municipal Council and Provincial Urban Authority have already entered into agreements to obtain all waste of the Colombo Urban Councl area.
However, since garbage of Colombo city limits is not sufficient it is planned to enter into agreements with Urban Waste Management Authority and other institutes to obtain another 400 T of waste from Gampaha and Moratuwa urban areas.

10Mw of power will be generated from this power plant and it will be started in May .