“We never change our journey afraid of challenges…….”
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“We never change our journey afraid of challenges…….”

“We should follow a process that benefit the electricity consumers, satisfy the public and the could obtain the quality of development…..”

“Today we are hand in hand with the majority and moving towards success…”

“I never allow to create price formulas depending on external powers and won’t be a threat for the consumer”.  

“Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Power Energy and Business Development briefs the present status of the power to the public”

“It’s six and half months past since I assume duties in the office of Minister in charge of Power, Energy and Business Development. During this period I am taking corrective measures in respect of various matters going ahead. We shall eliminate malpractices, go against corruption and carry this institute forward. One who works faces problems. We have paid a high price for electricity on behalf of electricity consumer. We should reduce it as much as possible and should have a low cost power generation plan as appropriate for our country. We may face obstacles, issues and even challenges in this journey. However, we must not change our direction. We should follow a process that benefit the electricity consumers, satisfy the public and the could obtain the quality of development.”

Various difficulties may arise within our challenging journey. The Ministry of Finances does not provide due money. If we are given that money, we may have more economical situation. However we don’t change our intention. There were number of issues in respect of electricity generation at a low price. We could change the previous status. As a result of this change we’ll be able to reduce the electricity generation cost from Rs.23.00 to Rs. 15.0 – Rs. 16.00.

Every family has got black sheep. But I am pleased due to the fact that the majority has hand in hand with us and moves towards success except a few. I invite views for the improvement of power sector. Further, I extend my sincere thanks to CEB employees. They are the ones who gave us valuable ides and dare to make take decisions within this difficult journey. Earlier CEB had a monopoly and today it is a consumer oriented institute.

It is apparent that a loss occurs within the process of generating power at the cost of Rs. 23.00 by CEB and selling to the price of Rs. 16.00. Ministry of Finance is payable us an amount of 8100 crore of rupees. Consequently, we get bank loans and pay interest unnecessarily. They think that the electricity price could be increased as our country has become a puppet of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. When incapability is within our country, other countries try to increase the price by getting the benefit of it and I don’t want to create problems for the consumers. I expect to introduce a method not to increase domestic electricity bill, but to decrease it. We are planning to provide electricity free of charge to the religious place under the renewable energy process. I invite the business community as well to hand in hand with us t o make this country better. I never allow making price formulas due to the influence of external powers and creating problems for the consumers. I will take steps to generate power at a least cost and give its benefit to the consumer and the country while securing our identity.