Starts the  Constructions of Deduru River Mini Power Plant …….
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Starts the  Constructions of Deduru River Mini Power Plant …….

1.3 MW of contribution to the National Grid in Another Two years….

Construction works  of the Deduru River Mini Power Plant was started today under the patronage of Hon. Champika Premadasa, State Minister of Power, Energy and Renewable Energy today (19) with the initiative of including 1.3 MW of power to the national grid.

Sri Lanka Energies Pvt. Company which is a fully affiliated institute of the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has undertaken the constructions of this mini power plant project under the directives of HE the President Mathripala Sirisena and Hon. Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremasinghe.

This mini hydro power plant project which is a sub project of Deduru River Project of the Department of Irrigation has scheduled to be completed within a period of two years and connect to the national grid and it has been computed that the preliminary cost of this project is Rs. 303 Mn. Accordingly, arrangements will be made to avail that amount from the basic investments of Lanka Electricity Company Ltd.

Commencement of the constructions of these projects had been delayed for a long time subsequent to the submission of the project proposal and it could be stated after assuming duties by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake. Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development.

A number of senior officials of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Business Development, Ceylon Electricity Board and Sri Lanka Energies Company took part at the event of commencing this project.