“CEB and LECO have granted relief to the public by providing electricity at a minimum price of Rs. 3900 crore…..”
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“CEB and LECO have granted relief to the public by providing electricity at a minimum price of Rs. 3900 crore…..”

“Though we got independence, our people have got a servile mentality towards white people……”

Today politicians are like frogs in the well. They are not far sighted and blame those who are changing” 

“It is required  to sweep out people’s poverty,  not to protect poverty with people….”

“The change in our country is to oppose the person who is going to make a change….”

Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development

 Hon. Ravi Karunanayake. Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development emphasizes that “If we need to make this country better, we should not be afraid to make decisions. Today, the situation has been changed due to the appointment of various commissions. But we needn’t to be afraid to do whatever true. Though whoever performs whatever acts no one change the reality at the end. If we make a change, an attitudinal change should be made within people. Though we got independence, our people have got a servile mentality towards white people. It has to be changed. An era, which people work together, think about the country and put forward our concepts shall be created. If we turn back to the past rice was given free, sugar was given at a minimum price and “Samuddhi” ration was granted, but has the poverty been eliminated. The present situation is as same as the past. There are 55 lakhs of families are in the country and a half of it is still needy. We should change this status. Improvement of a country does not mean giving everything free of charge from the womb to the tomb. When 4600 crore is paid as “Samurdhi” ration, Lanka Electricity Company Ltd. (LECO) provides electricity worth 3900 crore less than the generation cost. No one is aware of it.”

The Minister expressed these ideas participating at a programme of launching software by LECO held at Waters Edge Hotel. The “My leco software” introduced by the LECO for its consumer provides the facilities of bill payments, checking of previously paid bills,  submission of complaints, submission of requests, solving daily problems and many more.

The Minister Karunanayake further added that,

“If we could think in a novel way and use modern technology, our institutes could have been shifted into a high gear and able to deliver a stronger, more successful and more meaningful public oriented service. That’s why we introduced CEB Care software. It gives benefits to the consumer. Further, the My leco software introducing today has introduced a process for the consumers to meet their needs while improving their knowledge. The LECO was founded in 1983 as an initiative of Mr. J.R. Jayawardena with the intention of a better service and management through competition. This country has achieved even the status we are experiencing today through his future vision  of linking Sri Lanka to the world in future.

We should change today. A customer oriented working era shall be started. Today most institutes have been collapsed since they are not doing what is needed. We should be customer oriented since we have no more existence without customers. So monopoly should be kept aside and shall follow a customer oriented method.

In the past electricity was generated using timber. Then hydro power, fuel, L.N.G., coal, solar power, wind power came into being. If power generation at the least cost is required, we should think in a new way. If we follow the old ways and try to generate electricity out of wood, our consumers may lose a successful journey. If CEB needs to generate electricity at a least price, a different thinking is required. Today the world has transformed with modernization. We also should embrace that change. Complexity has been converted to simplicity with the advancement of technology. Today’s politicians are like frogs in the well. They don’t have a future vision. They accuse those who are changing. How can we change this?

Now it’s time to go for smart meters. This change should be made island wide. Generation cost of an electricity unit is Rs. 23.50 while the selling price is Rs. 16.00. LECO partly achieves the required cost and losses do not occur, but losses incur for CEB. This is an issue for the country. If we solve this issue, generation cost of electricity should be decreased as much as possible. Domestic consumer price must be decreased as much as possible. A serious issue occurred with Soorya Bala Sangramaya recently. We tried to make a change as conducive for both CEB and the consumer. However, some parties made it an opportunity to defame our characters. Mean businessmen is the reason for that. This must be changed. Now, even the electricity units at the cost of Rs. 45 are also available. This should be changed with immediate effect. We are generating 4200 units of electricity while the current demand is 5500 units. How can we develop a country in this way? We should be creative and have a strong political leadership to change the country. The change in our country is to oppose the person who is going to make a change.

The Minister said that “If the country should be developed availability of national security, national economy and youth oriented process are essential. If not, the country will be collapsed. Only if the country will experience such a change the country can be developed. No more lullabies and fairytales will work. Today houses are being constructed. What’s use of building a house in a perch?  Building shanties of 300 – 400 sqft is in vain.  It is required to sweep out people’s poverty, not to protect poverty with people.