“Will come to the End of Power outages with a firm power generation plan…”
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“Will come to the End of Power outages with a firm power generation plan…”

“If the Ministry of Finance releases us finance properly, this kind of issues may not occur….”

“As the Finance Ministry works without a proper future plan, government expenditure may increase unnecessarily…”

“Cannot allow World Bank or International Monetary Fund  to interfere our problems….”

Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development

Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development emphasizes that “There are complains on the occurrences of power outages in Kataragama. This occurs not only in Kataragama, but also in other areas. The major reason for this is the absence of a proper power generation plan.   I expect to cease these power outages in 06 – 07 months using a firm power generation plan. We discussed with the engineers and employees of CEB and came to an agreement to have a power grid with a firm power generation plan”

Hon. Minister Karunanayake expressed these views answering to the media after taking part at Viduli Aloka Poojawa (Illumination with electricity) at Kataragama Kiriwehera and Devalya premises.

As the Minister in charge Minister Karunanayake made arrangements to complete the electrical defects in the access road of Kataragama religious premises and to provide an electricity generator and the Chief Incumbent of Kataragama , Basnayaka Nilame of Kataragama Devalaya and District Secretary, Monaragala extended their special thanks to the Minister.

Further briefing to the media Minister Karunanayake added that…..

“Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) has to pay 69000 crore to Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC). Further, Ministry of Finance has to pay 8100 crore to CEB. Ministry of Finance is an institute that should grant us funds. However, the only solution of the Ministry of Finance is to get a loan. After getting loans both CEB and CPC have to bear the weight of loans. This kind of activities without any future vision increase government expenditure unnecessarily. The only result of increasing interest is the increase of the profit of banks. We will not increase the household electricity bill under any circumstances. World Bank and International Monitory Fund are looking for an opportunity to interfere into our problems. If the Ministry of Finance grants us due finance this kind of issues may not arise”.