“628 MW of renewable energy has already been added to the national grid….”
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 “Soorya Bala Sangramaya is misinterpreted and our characters are being defamed……”

“If any institute is using electricity above 2000, renewable energy should be added to 25% of it …”

Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development

“Today, the entire world has a tremendous urge towards renewable energy and eco – energy. We should improve it practically. However there are number of obstacles for its execution practically. Today 628MW of renewable energy has been added to the National Grid. Since I became the  Minister in charge, I have granted approval altogether for 254 MW by connecting 1 MW  126 projects, 100 MW from the  solar power plant   floating in Maduru Reservouir, two wind turbines and 10MW two other projects.

The major institute   that appears in this journey of electricity sector with drastic changes is CEB. CEB generates electricity using renewable energy and supply to the public. In this procedure, there is a huge difference between the buying and selling price of a unit. The process of correcting this has become an issue for some parties. What I want is to streamline this on a strong basis.  Future of solar power investors will be secured by correcting this.”

The Minister expressed these views at Renewable Energy Investors’ Meeting organized by Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority of Sri Lanka held recently at Waters Edge Hotel, Battaramulla. This meeting was held amidst a large gathering of around 400 investors with the participation of senior officers including Dr. B.M.S. Batagoda , Secretary, Ministry of Power, Energy and Business Development, Mr. Rakhitha Jayawardena – Chairman, CEB and the Director General of Sustainable Energy Authority.

Addressing the gathering the Minister in charge stated that….,

“I am not the founder of Soorya Bala Sangramaya. I am the person who accelerated the vehicle of Soorya Bala Sangramaya. which was slow. We have got a skilled team for the implementation of Soorya Bala Sangramaya. It had come to a halt. What is necessary to do is the removal of the obstacles and encourage solar power investors. Since I assumed the duties as the Minister in charge I could obtain a plenty of important views from the officers of CEB and the private sector. Innovative ideas on Soorya Bala Sangramaya could be obtained with the blend of these ideas together.

We will take measures to curtail the long period of one year spent to initiate Sooraya Bala Sabgramaya Project into one week. This is a huge difference. Parallel to the generation of renewable energy, there is an interest and enthusiasm in society towards Soorya Bala Sangramaya. To tell the attention in this regard, some parties misinterpret it and defame our characters.

We will take some more steps for the expansion of Soorya Bala Sangramaya.  Among them one is if any institute is using electricity above 2000, renewable energy should be added to 25% of it.  We will give opportunity to express views on this. Such proposals will be implemented by 2020-2030. Not only us, but also solar power investors will  join us to come to a firm solution”.