Permission on giving Electricity to Balangoda Kooragala Archaeological Premises and the access road chaitya suspended…………
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Archeological Department refuses giving explanations

The steps taken by CEB to supply electricity for Balangoda Kooragala archeological premises and access road to chaitya where electricity was not available, was temporarily suspended by the Archeological Department.

On a request made to supply electricity to these places possessed by Archeological Department, the department has given permission for that subject to several conditions. This permission was sent in writing by the Department of Archeology on a request made to supply electricity for this place. Regional Assistant Director of the Department of Archeology (Ratnapura) has informed this to Regional Electrical Engineer, Kahawatta through the letter dated 26.06.2019. Accordingly, even though the officers of Kahawatta Regional Electricity office have visited the said place yesterday (27) to supply electricity on the advice of the Minister in Charge, they were interrupted to supply electricity.

The reason for the above was informing the Regional Electrical Engineer of Kahawatta by the Regional Assistant Director of the Archaeological Department to temporary cancel the supply of electricity to Kuragala Archeological premises and the access road of Chaitya though his letter dated 27.06.2019.   When requesting clarifications in this regard the officer concerned has refused to give further clarifications.

Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development discussing about this situation stated that at the request of supplying electricity to this place that has been in the need of electricity for a long time he responded favourably with immediate effect. As per his order, persons of CEB have gone to the place this morning to supply electricity an unknown power has appeared to interrupt them.

Further expressing views Hon. Minister requested all the authorities to grant permission immediately to supply electricity for the said place. Mr. Karunanayaka said that even though the Department of Archeology has given permission in this regard, the same department has informed in writing not to do it. He emphasized that the sole responsibility in this regard is with the Department of Archeology and no political interruption occurred.

Kotuwe Podi Hamuduruwo and Mr. Iraj Weerarathne who visited the Ministry of Power, Energy and Business Development to get to know about the suspension of electricity supply to Kuragala Archeological premises presented their views on this case.