“CEB should be transformed to Give Priority to the Consumers”
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We could destroy the dream of keeping the country in darkness on Vesak and Poson Poyadays  of the …… parties”

Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development

Mr. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development stated that “In the last few days opposite groups were expecting to get pleased by keeping the country in darkness on Vesak and Poson Poyadays. However we could destroy their dreams by illuminating the country on Vesak and Poson poyadays. We could make happy the innocent people. Don’t let to change this. This is not time to adhere to circulars   and other documents. We should be in the front to make this change.”

He expressed these views at the launch of CEB Care software for the convenience of electricity consumers. This ceremony was held at BMICH today (17) and number of senior officials of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Business Development took part in it.

Expressing views by Hon. Ravi Karunanayake stated that “To ensure future security with our inborn talents is unique. I saw the strength of CEB employees during the short tenure as the Minister In-Charge. This strength shall be used for the upliftment of the institute and the country. Assets of CEB is far cry from the assets of other institutes in Sri Lanka. CEB is required every moment by every house. Even though electricity is an essential requirement, sometimes CEB works unnecessarily. This should be changed.  During the short period of assuming the office as the Minister In –Charge, I understood that CEB shall be transformed so as to give priority for the general public.”

During the last fifty years CEB employees secured the prestige of the institute.   CEB employees could face the challenges when at critical times and could face them successfully. We are generating around 19 billion power units by now. Cost for generating a unit is Rs. 24 and we sell it at the cost of Rs. 16. This may incur losses in future. CEB possesses an explicit technical knowledge. However financial administration has not been changed.  I started this journey with you not as just a Minister, but with the thought of making a significant change within the institute.

This is the time to focus on the consumer. There is no institute without them. That is why we should give them priority. The change within this software is distinctive. We could carry the institute forward with is change. The change should be made ourselves. I wish to mention again that CEB Care software has created an apparent change. If this change is not made today, other party may implant this change in you late in future. The probable change of this institute should be made ourselves. Intervention of other Ministry in this regard is unnecessary. We should bear the future of our institute in our hands to have future security.  We initiated a  programme to protect the consumer. It shows us the avenue towards the future. If a competition could be created within CEB and deliver a better service to the public, how valuable this change is. We can come to work as public officers and idle eight hours, but we should remember that we have an obligation and a responsibility as well to deliver service to the salary we are earning. Since we get salaries from the tax of innocent public, we also have a responsibility to serve for the public.

We should ever try to have an amiable relationship with our consumers. At the receipt of electricity bill the consumer gets scared since power will be disconnected, in case he fails to pay the bill in 30 days of time. If the power is disconnected due to the failure of the consumer to settle the bill of Rs. 1000.00, Rs. 1300 has to be paid to get the connection again. These arrangements may create ill feelings towards CEB in public. This has to be changed and should create a friendly attitude. Further, at the demand of a new connection, it should be provided in short period of one week time. We should have supply on demand. Today we have limited the supply and demand is at the front. Unnecessary and high cost power generations are at Kelanithissa, Uthuru Janani power plants. This must be totally ceased before one and half year of time. These things happen due to not taking correct political decisions on time. We have already admitted it. Your support is necessary to correct them.

I am making a request to the CEB. Foreign contracts shall be started during the coming 03 -04 months. This is how we should change the system if the private sector could win the world, why CEB could not. We are here to provide any amount of expenditure. Facing this challenge successfully is at your hand. Let’s turn this loss to a profit using your technical knowledge and my support. The cost for generation should be reduced to achieve this.  The generating cost should be fair to everyone. If this change will not be made CEB will be collapsed in 4-5 years time. We should work together to achieve this change.  We have taken no measures to change Soorya Bala Sangramaya. We are trying to improve it by 500%.  We must ever try to protect the electricity consumer and  CEB as well and should make use this opportunity in the correct manner.