“We will put forward a candidate who can win…………..”
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Contribution to the National Power System will be increased by 500%………”

 Contribution of Renewable Energy will be increased up to 2000 MW in two years of time………………”

“The government does not want to deceive the public…….”

Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development

Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development emphasizes that “Today there is a rumour that CEB is going to reduce the power generation out of renewable energy, but we are making an effort to increase the contribution of renewable energy by 500%. We are making arrangements to secure the both parities; consumer and CEB. I initiated Soorya Bala Sangramaya when I was the Minister of Finance. Since the present procedure has hugely degraded CEB, I will introduce a new policy. However, all the agreements that have already been signed will be continued without any change. We are making a strenuous exertion to solve the issue of selling an electricity unit generated out of diesel at the cost of Rs. 28 – 30.00 to price of Rs. 16.00. When we come to a correct path to safeguard CEB, there are people who misinterpret it. Any way, we are making every possible effort to continue this. The present contribution of renewable energy of 450-500 MW will be increased up to 2000MW in two years of time. Anyone who wishes to take this challenge may join us. We are correcting the misconceptions”.

The Minister expressed these views attending the opening of Rank International which is a Solar Power Generation Company established in Orugadawatta this morning (10th).This project that contributes 01 MW to the national power system has been established at the cost of Rs. 115 Mn.

Responding to the media Minister Karunanayake said that,

“India is friend of Sri Lanka. Arrival of the leaders of such countries is very important for us. The other countries were doubtful about the security of Sri Lanka after the terrorist attack on 21st of April.  Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Sri Lanka faded away the hesitation towards the security of our country. This removed the obstacles imposed on tourist industry in Sri Lanka.

There are various views on the candidate of United National Party for the coming Presidential Election. We will nominate the most suitable candidate as appropriate. The candidate will be revealed in future.

The Minister said that “Muslim Ministers resigned from their Ministerial posts recently. The cabinet paper we submitted in this regard was presented to the public even though the media. So how can people say that a Cabinet Paper was not submitted? The government does not want to deceit the public. We want to be united and take the country forward peacefully.