Government considers power conservation……
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Introduces a National Programme on Power Conservation and Efficiency……………

 The government has already paid attention on looking for steady solutions for the power crisis that may occur in future. Accordingly, the government has issued a new circular on conservation and efficient use of power within public institutions and has taken steps to motivate and direct the employees of public service in this regard introducing the national programme on power conservation and efficient use.

Presidential Secretariat and Renewable Energy Authority of Sri Lanka are jointly implementing this process and it is intended to participate all the Ministries, Departments, corporations and Statutory Boards. Accordingly, it has been planned to appoint a Power & Energy Manager for all the above institutes and to establish a Power & Energy Committee to assist him.  This committee will look in to the use of power within the institute and set up the institute for efficient use and saving of power & Energy.

It is expected to save power and energy of 300 GW-hours annually through this programme and it equals to a total electricity demand for ten days in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, it has been targeted to reduce electricity and fuel consumption by 10% of all the public offices compared to the previous year with the power and energy conservation and efficient use.

The demand for electricity is increasing frequently with the daily growing population. So, it is very difficult to generate power with the limited resources. Specially, as a country with limited resources, Sri Lanka has to face number of issues when meeting power and energy requirements of the public. Even though, power could be generated at the least cost using hydro power – sources, Sri Lanka has to spend 25% of the national export revenue for power generation, since all the hydro power sources have been ended. Further, around 25% wastes due to inefficient use of the public.

Accordingly, it is expected to relieve the country from the possible future power crisis by introducing the National Programme on Power & Energy Conservation, getting used to an efficient style of power consumption without wasting power by the consumer population and power and energy conservation.