“We will be able to achieve the production cost of one unit of electricity to Rs. 15.00 –  Rs.16.00 in two years ….”
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“Ante Leco will be made the only company that provides smart meters to the entire Sri Lanka ………………”

“Today we are taking the decision that we should have made before 15 years”

( Hon. Ravi Karunanayake , Minister In Charge states at an observation visit at Ante Leco Company states )

Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development said that “A group of people spreads fake news in the country during these 140 days saying that ships and other things have been bought. Our total capacity of power generation is 4100 MW at present. The annual income is billion 18.800 kW  . How power is generated when it rains less. This is not an issue of CEB. Weaknesses in taking political decisions are also a problem. No we are suffering from the bad results of taking incorrect decisions. However we were not afraid in taking decisions. We like to import everything and label them. Most are in the view that Sri Lankan products are of low standard and the products of white people are better than them.

The Minister expressed these ideas participating an observation visit to Ante Leco Company, Bandaragama this evening (31). The Minister Ajith P. Perera also took part at this event.

At this event Minister Karunanayake further added that “I came here today with a free mind. I think that Ante Leco Company could manufacture electricity meters for the entire country. Today we are taking a decision to transform this company to supply meters for the entire country, not a company that fulfils 6% -7% of the demand.  The words 50,000 meters, two lakhs of time of use meters used up to date will be changed from today. Form today only smart meters are for the entire island.   This company will manufacture the modem inside the meter as well from 28th August. This is the way we should go forward.

There are around 63 lakhs of electricity customers are in Sri Lanka. Out of them around 51 lakhs are using blow 120 units. CEB earn profits only from the remaining 17 lakhs. Around 50,000 – 60,000 three phase power supply is required annually. We will take measures to manufacture the required accessories in this country from 28th August. We will not limit these products not only to Sri Lanka and will take steps to manufacture them to the international standard and export to other countries. This decision should have been taken 15 years ago. We are doing these things not focusing politics.

CEB is an institute that incurs a loss of 8900 crores of rupees. This kind of losses occurs due to the waste at the generation. If one rupee could be reduced  1600 crores of rupees can be saved. We can generate power minimizing the manufacturing cost; the loss could be converted into a profit. I am much pleased about CEB’s novel thinking along with us, changing its way of going against rehabilitation due to the outside influence of 2% – 3%.

He pointed out that “The gross manufacturing cost of an electricity unit is Rs. 23.35 and the selling price is Rs. 16.68. We will start power generation programme after three or four months. Accordingly, we will be able to reduce the manufacturing cost up to Rs. 15.00 – Rs. 16.00 during the coming two years. We promise not to increase house hold electricity bill in whatever way. Based on the malpractices of future, we are moving towards a future vision. We need to generate power at a minimum price and protect the customers”