“I got a Ministry deteriorated in every aspect in 2015”
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“This time also I got a fully declined Ministry ……”
” However, I am working not to experience the same for any of the ministers who will assume this Ministry………….”

Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Power, Energy & Business Development
Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development stated that “The demand for electricity has increased by 15% due to existing high temperature. Further, due to the defects of power plants, power sector has been passing a challenging period. This will be lessen in the middle of March and the demand may decrease. We will go for a new temporary plan with that. Blaming the past is in vain. If  power is used economically, there is no need of power cuts. There is a shortage and no need to conceal it. If power is saved, there will not be a problem. We forgive from the public. Some are asking why truth is not revealed. How remedies could be found for the issues of the Ministry after 71 days of assuming duties.  Mr. Sarath Fonseka said that he got the opportunity in the Army to solve the war and would hand over a secured country. I also have been given a Ministry like a land mine. However, I will make a steady foundation in the coming two – three months and work on it  to face the problems I have faced for none of the Ministers who will be appointed in future. I got a Ministry deteriorated in every aspect in 2015. This time also I got a ministry with least infrastructure facilities, but this Ministry could benefit innocent people a lot.  I will be blamed several weeks. We have never experienced supply as per the demand. However, we don’t purchase electricity all of a sudden and we’ll turn to the better way of long term power generative plan”

He expressed these ideas participating an event of distributing sewing machines among the unemployed women in Colombo suburbs for self employment. At the event, sewing machines were distributed among 30 families.

At this event, Hon. Minister Karunanayake further added that …………………..,
“We are trying to make an opportunity strengthen economy with self resources and inborn talents. This is the best thing. Today everyone is looking to get something free of charge, but it is worthier to earn something with self –effort  and strength. The Chinese philosopher Confucucius  said that “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. Today we did such a thing.

I will take measures to make every roof top of the houses in Colombo North seat a power plant. Our journey towards progress is silent. If we spend Rs. 1000/- for a good deed, we are blamed for Rs. 999/- out of it and we are praised only for one rupee. However, we experience the other side of this during the regime of former government. Have faith on us. We’ll make a future better than today. Even though cost of living has not decreased, ways of income have increased. Today there are no white vans like in the past. No one needs to be afraid. Everyone can criticize any one, can blame anyone. This is the difference in democracy.   Mr. D.S. Senanayaka obtained independence for our country 71 years ago, not to make fun of it.  He said that Sri Lankans would do better than the white, but still we have not obtained economic independence. Let’s take our country forward. Let’s develop the country without cursing  darkness.

When I take over Colombo North Seat  11 years ago, this was the poorest seat, but the people were full of humanity. My effort was to unite all the races Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim  and Malay together and develop the area.  I started it with infrastructure development. Among the seats, Colombo North is the seat that the highest number of houses was distributed. Roads are also the same. They are fit to start a boat service than running vehicles. The road is once dug for laying water pipes, then with the purpose of supplying electricity.  After that , Sri Lanka  Telecom Ltd. engaged in the same. Now, the road is excavated under Port City Project. This is the development in our country.  No vision or a proper plan. However, we have determined to carryout developments of Colombo Municipal Council in a well planned manner. We will make a difference.  Among the other countries of the world, Sri Lanka has got the highest number of public servants, but what is the benefit of it. 45% of government revenue is to pay salaries of the public servants and  20% is to pay pension. This should be changed in future. Lives could be upgraded than today, not by decreasing the cost of living, but by increasing the ways of income generation”.