“Norochcholai  Power Plant is Functioning Again, No  more Power Cuts….”
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“ Save Power to meet the increasing demand of power under  high  temperature……”

(Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister in charge of Power & Energy emphasizes in an Observation Visit to Norachchlai Power Plant)

Hon. Ravi Karunnanayaka, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development emphasizes that “The technical defect of Norochcholai power plant has been repaired by now. Officers in charge of   the project including the Chairman, Vice Chairman made arrangements to solve this matter within a short period of time. This is not  a normal situation. With the breakdown of Norochcholai power, the whole country came to a halt. This is a difficult time for power and energy sector.  The demand for power is increasing at a high rate. Further, no power plant was added to the national power system during the last 05 year. Hence, I kindly request the general public to use electricity thriftily and assist us to provide a continuous power supply without interrupting the public.”

He stated these ideas participating at a sudden   observation visit this morning (21) to see the present status of the second power generator of the Norochcholai Power Plant which became idle due to a technical failure. The main objective of this visit was to extend thanks for the sections that supported to repair the second power generator of Norochcholai Lakwijaya power plant that became inactive due to a power failure on 19th within a short period of 36 hours and added to the national electricity system.

At this occasion, Hon. Minister added that,

“I request not to sabotage power sector by misleading the general public under the pretext of  power cuts by propagating about an electricity mafia , even though the technical failure of the Norochcholai power plant has already been recovered. Shortcomings, defects could be occurred in the process of development of any country. We should be pleased of recovering the defects of Norrechcholai power plant within a short period of 36 hours.

When there is a defect within the system, power failures may occur. We should take action to minimize such situations.  However, we will not go for power cuts. The amiss fear within the public created by some parties have to be eliminated. If we engaged in sudden purchase of electricity, it is only to fulfill the needs of public. Power supply should be increased, since there is a high demand of it. So that, we are in the process of making a proper national plan for power generation”