“A country with Humanity within the Concept One Country, One Nation….” “People of Mental Disorders  put religion on market create worldwide issues…………………….”
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 This is not the time to take immature political decisions. We should make environment for the public to live free of fear and suspicion……”

Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development  

Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Power, Energy Business Development state that “Even though  few people who are engaged in terrorism tried to destroy this country, all our innocent people have been united thinking of safeguarding the motherland”. Despite we have passed seventy one years of independence our nation is recorded in the annals of history as a nation who never learn from society.  We should hand in hand even noun to develop the country. The only need is to make a country with humanity within the concept of one country, one nation and one constitution”.

The Minister expressed said views participating at  a series of Community Service Programmes held near Colombo North area in celebration of Vesak festival.  Hon. Minister distributed packets of dry food, sewing machines to low income generative families, books and stationary for school children and eyeglasses and wheel chairs for people.

In this event, the Minister added that the country passed a threatening period during last few weeks. Even though the problem was solved, people are still in agitation thinking that such a situation may arise again. As a leader of this country, I wish to state that we have already taken corrective measures to the best to ensure safety with the support of the Police and the Tri- Forces. This is the time to make a peaceful environment within the country, not to take immature political decisions.  Let bygones be bygones, we all should lay the foundation to come to a stability not to occur such an incident again.

Only this little island has come across this kind of calamities. The giant countries like America, England, German, Brazil and Belgium also have come across them. We should learn a lesson from this and should ever tighten country’s security. This kind of people with mental disorders who put the religion on market has created problems throughout the world.

Colombo North Seat is a model for the entire island. People of Sinhala, Tamil, Burgher, Muslim, Malay races and Buddhist, Catholic, Islam, Hindu religions live together in harmony in Colombo North. This is what we should imply to the country. Some of our politicians are afraid of speaking in public and to take decisions. Anyway, this is the high time to put aside politics and come forward as country.  We should think as Sri Lankans not a race, a religion or a set.

Although some people make funny statements to please some parties, this is a Sinhala Buddhist country. We must admit it. We are making efforts to have equality for other ethnic groups and religious groups to   live in this country.  Harmony and unity can overcome any issue and it is the basis of any country speedier journey towards development. There are two languages in our country. Viz. Tamil and Sinhala.  We use English as a link language. We do not want any language other than them. We should not absorb the things of other countries and must protect our valuable history which inherits a history of thousands of years.