“Politics have become bitter for people  …..”
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“The crime is we have shut our eyes to some happenings   …..”

We don’t Politically safeguard any offender…..”

  Today people are of fear. We should redress it……”

Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development

Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development   emphasized that “At present, news of a common candidate is spreading in the country. We are not in the need of braggarts, but we are looking for a leader who loves the country and could go forward as a leader. Term of engaging in politics and relationships do not make a matching person for a leader. We should select a person who loves the country,   could serve the country and should make arrangements to win UNP as a party. Today, politics has become bitter for the public. Both the Governing Party and The Opposition have been painted with the same brush. Hence, we should think in a new way, those who cannot work have been hanging on to the party and try to trample those who work”.

Hon. Minister expressed these views when he came to the prison today (22) visit Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thero, who has been imprisoned.

Answering to the media Hon. Minister made following statements……..

“We are aware of the issue related to Ven Gnanasara Thero and it should be solved. We should look into whether is punishment is fair or unfair. If it is unfair, the issue may aggravate. We should ever work having understood the reality, but we experience the other side of it. Other matter which is closer to the issue has been made significant and tries to make it a problem. When we work in this country, we have to come across problems. The others interrupt them. I am also experiencing  the same”.

We came to visit Ven. Gnanasara Thero to discuss how do we move forward our country peacefully and how do we build up  Sri Lankan identity after calming down this tragedy. Our main objective is to eradicate terrorism. We don’t want to draw attention only to one person prevaricating the all the other things, unless giving leadership to achieve it giving punishment to offenders irrespective of their status. Some people put forward names of several people and determine to come to an end of this issue. We are not to aggravate this issue, but to restore harmony. A Select Committee has been appointed to solve these issues. We should understand the real situation at this moment. No offender is politically secured. Our aim is to sweep out this brutal terrorism. There were conflicts of Sinhalese in 1971, 89. Later, Tamil and Muslim struggles came out. What else to be   done for this innocent country. Majority has been hurt and this should be healed.  Today’s need is citizen’s sensitivity   towards the country”.

Politics shall not be with school children. Protection should be provided in the absence of security. The police and tri- forces directed to open schools. The duty of the government is to follow their directives. Today, people are fear and we should get rid them of fear and make pace. As politicians, it we do not achieve it who will take that responsibility. We should   be calming force in lieu of fanning the flame.

Terrorist activities are taking place all over the country and we must be on alert. We shut our eyes to such incidents and it is the crime we commit. When someone says something, our people annoy him and do not look into what has happened. It is the situation today. However, let’s look into such matters, defeat extremism and build up harmony.  Let’s give rise to Sri Lankan identity ignoring racism, religious disparities and party politics.