“Greetings for a Peaceful Vesak Free of Fear  ….”
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  Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development

The major resource for a country is human resource nourished with peace, unity and brotherhood. The basis of creating such human resource is improving spirituality.  One of the key paths to achieve this is motivating man towards religion and the service of Buddhism in this regard is immense. We are lucky to commemorate noble Vesak Full Moon Poya Day that religious satisfaction will be grown of Buddhist devotees worldwide who celebrates the Birth, the Enlightenment and the Parinibbahana (passing away) of the founder of Buddhism that  created an optimistic human resource.

Buddhist devotees commemorate Birth, Enlightenment and Parinibbhana (Passing away) of Lord Buddha with great honour. They committed for “Amisa Pooja” and “Prathipaththi Pooja”. Due to the critical situation our society is experiencing, Buddhist devotees unfortunately find difficult to practice “Amisa Pooja” and “Prathipaththi Pooja” . In consequence of doing away with religion, man may had  to face this kind of crisis.

We should not go back to the history before 2563 B.E.  We have passed a savage era which a religion or humanity was not considered and afterwards became spiritually nourished humans  and socialized with the noble touch of pure Buddhism and we should step into the future through such a noble religion.

Today’s people are engaged in a rat race struggling for power and wealth. They are ever in a competitive mind and consequently, they have faced racist, religious and terrorist conflicts as well.  If their annoying, sensational mentality could be changed for a while and if kindness, compassion could be cultivated by means Buddhism, modern world would not be an annoying place as today.

The Vesak  Festival that dawns showering mindset of the thousands of Buddhists with religious contentment may improve kindness, compassion, brotherhood and equality within people and make a peaceful backdrop for living free of fear and suspicion for Sri Lankans and the people scattered around the world.