A Lost Life Cannot be Guaranteed by a Compensation …………………………”
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I’m not  afraid to state that we’ll take  action to punish terrorists irrespective of their status……”

Ravi Karunanayake

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development


Hon. Ravi Karunanayake, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development emphasizes that  ᱿A lost life cannot be guaranteed by a compensation. However, such a mournful situation has already taken place. How do we look forward? We go to the church any time  to thank god. If there is a problem god intervenes. This is not the time to put religion on the market mercilessly and engage in terrorism, but we have come across such a situation. We should be watchful not to have  this kind of situations”

He expressed this taking  part at the event of granting compensation of more than Two Hundred Million Rupees (Rs. 22,150,000.00) for the families of those who died and injured at the recent terrorist attack. This event was taken place yesterday (11) at the Tourist Board and Hon. Minister John Amarathunga and Catholic priests took part in it.

Further expressing views, the Minister added that ………………..

“The compensation we provide cannot compare with the value of your deceased relatives. “ This is nothing other than just an assistance to promote their lives”   What has happened now? Extremists have put religion on the market worldwide and engage in this kind of acts. We have seen number of such situations in Sri Lanka as well.  There was a crisis in the years 71/89.  When it came to an end ethnic problems were arisen. Thereafter, a religious issue has started. We should stand together as one to condemn the evil forces which try to develop the above situation again. At the moment, Catholic community has been affected. However, patience has appeared as the unity of the island and the strength of the Sri Lankan identity.

If we created other issue based on this instance, it would have aggravated the grief. We never forget the service of the Cardinal and  Mahanayaka Theros and peace created by Hindu priests and Mawlawis together. You should recall how you bore sorrow. As a government, I am not afraid to say that action will be taken against the terrorists who involved in this brutal act irrespective of their status.  Those who try to perform an act of terrorism based on a religion please go to a desert; don’t victimize innocent people of this country.  We should eradicate the acts perform by putting Gods’ names on market. As Sri Lankans, we got opportunity to  be together again based on the attack of 21st April. This is the time neither to achieve political objectives nor to fish in troubled water being divided as political parties or religions. Our country couldn’t get real independence as we didn’t learn lessons from the past. We all, Sinhalese, Hindus and Muslims , let’s be together in this Sinhala – Buddhist country even this moment and let’s make our future and the future generation. The problem is not inability, but lack of desire. Let’s make this incident a symbol to be together again and go forward together. Death is natural, but it is essential to stop this kind of ruthless acts.  After this incident we visited the all the places subjected to these attacks and patients at hospitals and saw their sufferings before our very eyes. We are ever with you. Let’s hand in hand together. It is not our duty to blame each other, but to work together not to repeat the same on others.