I do not want anyone who says ‘yes’ sir and ‘no sir’ for everything….”
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“So, I have decided to give an opportunity for an active group of people in civil society to look for whether any corruptions are or taking place in my Minister…”


Ravi Karunanayaka
Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development  

‘There are some people in our society who oppose corruptions and frauds. Therefore, I thought to use such people and look for whether any corruptions and frauds are or taking place in my Ministry. Accordingly, I needed to deploy a team consisting of Venerable Ulapana Thero, Ranjith Vithanage, Nihal Kiriyella, Pradeep Perera, Attorney at-Law and Vimukthi Dushantha. I have given an opportunity for them to look for whether any corruptions and frauds taking placing in my Ministry and to talk about such things if any, at least once in a month. I think that this type of decision was not taken in any Ministries before this. This planning will be a successful initiative for us to perform the financial affairs of this Ministry in a transparent manner and to avoid false and fabrication against us. I believe that if other Ministries follow this type of initial effort then thereby we can eliminate corruptions and frauds, and provide a productive service for the nation. I do not want anyone who says ‘yes’ sir and ‘no sir’ for everything’ said Ravi Karunanayaka, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development.

The Minister said this while attending in a press meeting held today (05) in the Ministry’s premises with a view of giving a better service for the nation and its people through transforming the Ministry of Power, Energy and Business Development, and other institutions coming under its purview gradually into unblemished ones with free from corruptions and frauds or malpractices where doubt is existing that such things have taken place.

Minister Ravi Karunanayaka further said,

‘Today we are in 71 years after receiving our independence. However, it is doubt that whether we have a real economic liberty. There are some people who say that it is better for them if they had been under colonial rule.  We know that the blame will come to actively working guys. Therefore, this is our effort to keep step in an activity which may prevent any barriers against media personals who provide service using such media. Whether electricity is provided or not, that is seen as a wrong. Ceylon Electricity Board has engineers with required knowledge and skills. We are taking action with the information what such engineers provide. A hill does not fall down with a mere barking of a dog. As a government, the President, the Prime Minister and I have given a promise that electricity tariff would not be increased. No electricity tariff will be increased in any way. We are not going to feel fear for anything unnecessarily. If a very difficult situation arises only, it may happen to go for an emergency power purchase. We do not expect to do it even. Such things will be assigned to Ceylon Electricity Board to do. Increasing the power production in this country up to 100‍% is what we need. Therefore, the plan which the CEB engineers are submitting is 99‍% successful. Action has been taken considering vision and benefits of country and its people. Public Utility Commission of Sri Lanka also has approved this plan. Barriers are usual which come when a country is taken towards a progressive path and they are inevitable. There are problems. If we fail to face such problems with challenges and go forward, we never can build up a country with development’.

Ranjith Vithanage, Leader of National Front for Protection of Consumer’s Rights, and Kiriyella, media personal and stakeholder in civil society and others expressed their views during this press meeting.