Country will get improved in its energy through amicable relationship between Iran and Sri Lanka  Investment by Iran for further improvement of power sector in Sri Lanka
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A diplomatic meeting took place in last couple of days at the premises of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Business Development with a view of strengthening bi-lateral relationship between Iran and Sri Lanka. Iran Ambassador Hussian Ibhaim Khani with his delegates who met Ravi karunanayaka, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development has agreed to provide their government’s assistance to further development in the power sector of this country.

The Ambassador who admired the progress achieved already by Sri Lanka in its power sector, and inquired from the Minister Ravi Karunanayaka about the proposed projects to undertake in power sector in future. The Minister explained that Sri Lanka has already moved into renewable energy source, and it has been proposed to use only renewable energy sources like solar and wind available at a lower cost to produce electricity, in order to meet the demand for energy in future, by avoiding use of energy sources at high costs.

The Ambassador who inquired about the strategies already followed in power generation and distribution of energy in Sri Lanka, and said that Sri Lanka should adopt the Smart Meters advanced in technology instead of meters currently used, and he could be able to provide his country’s technology for it. The Ambassador who explained on the meter manufacturing companies established in Iran and brought the possibility of establishing such manufacturing companies even in Sri Lanka and the economic benefits thereby achievable by the country into the notice of the subject Minister. Iran Ambassador invited the subject Minister to visit his country and witness such manufacturing companies in Iran where the Minister can have an understanding on the ideas on encouraging power sector of Sri Lanka, any other special ideas and attitudes on development projects.

Iran Ambassador further said that his country’s investors are interested making their investments in Sri Lanka, and therefore it is necessary to draw out a work plan on inviting such investors to Sri Lanka in future in order to achieve progress in power sector of Sri Lanka and in industrial sector as well.

Dr. B.M.S. Battagoda, Secretary to the Ministry of Power, Energy and Business Development also participated at this meeting.