Attention by Government of Norway on saving of energy through strategies which are safeguarding the power sector of Sri Lanka…
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  • Make the public involved in strategies which safeguard the energy  
  • A formal work plan in future
  • Technical assistance of the Government of Norway to encourage power sector  

Norway Ambassador Thorbjorm Gaustadsaether attended in a friendly meeting with Ravi Karunanayaka, Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development, with a view of strengthening bi-lateral relationship between government of Norway and government of Sri Lanka.
Norway Ambassador, during this meeting held yesterday in the premises of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Business Development, inquired about the renewable energy sources already used for power generation in Sri Lanka, their utilizations, cost incurred for such power generation, social impacts through it, and environmental factors etc. The Norway Ambassador, apart from the power generation, further inquired about the possibility to supply electricity according to the increasing demand for energy, through following the strategies which can safeguard the energy.
Minister Ravi Karunanayaka, in responding to the inquiry made by the Ambassador, explained on the importance in moving into renewable energy sources with diversity in power sector, supplying electricity according to the increasing demand for energy and following the strategies which can safeguard the energy, if a continuous power supply is needed to be maintained. The Minister further said that a work plan which makes the people to follow such strategies in future also will be prepared.
The Minister further added that the traditional major energy source used for power generation in Sri Lanka is water resource, and an efficient power supply can be maintained for energy consumers, by generating electricity at a less cost without impact on environment, using such source of energy, and all existing water resources have already been used for power generation. The Minister further explained on the movement towards other energy sources like fuel and coal in order to meet daily increasing demand for electricity, and made the power sector of Sri Lanka into movement towards renewable energy like solar and wind due to the prices of fuel and coal and other issues prevailed.

Minister Ravi Karunanayaka said that the solar energy is a very successful renewable power generation strategy, it was able to supply energy for consumers generating power at a less price using such energy source, and the electricity consumers were able to get economic benefit by adding excess power from such source of energy into National Power Grid.

The Ambassador said that Sri Lanka stands in a top place in terms of power supply. She agreed on behalf of the government of Norway to provide necessary technical and financial assistance required to develop power sector of Sri Lanka further. The Ambassador further said giving a promise to Minister Ravi Karunanayaka that she is expecting to have negotiations with relevant stakeholders regarding the adoption of relevant strategies, paying the attention of government of Norway on the progress which Sri Lanka achieved through power sector.